Wireless Video and Intercom Doorbells

Smart doorbells are an emerging technological solution to a long-existing need. Since the beginning of time, people have had to weigh the risks and benefits of answering their door to greet visitors or strangers for many multitudes of reasons. Within the past ten years, this need has resulted in the marrying of two beneficial access control security solutions: Video and Doorbells.

Video Intercom Doorbell Solutions elegantly solve the problem by allowing users to see a visitor, speak with the visitor and remotely control access to a business or home.

If you or a customer are interested in a smart doorbell system for a home or business, you’ll find yourself facing a number of options on the market.

As you consider your choices, keep in mind the following:

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Remote Access
  • Quality of Audio/Video
  • (Hidden) Monthly Charges
  • Internet and Data Security

Affordable Video Doorbell Solutions for Home or Business

Large businesses with advanced security, guards and the like have managed to work around the problem. However, until recently, smaller businesses and homes with less budget at hand, have had to make-do and settle for a lower level of security and privacy.

With new Video Doorbell systems, augmented access control is no longer limited to large businesses with intricate systems or homes with integrated security.

Some units, like Keri Systems’ Entraguard ONE line, are affordable stand-alone systems that put the technology within reach for just about anyone who values the opportunity to answer a door more securely.

Durable Video Doorbell Systems

The importance of durability in these types of security systems is becoming more and more apparent as early renditions of the concept fail. On the outside, units should be weatherproof and waterproof as well as being resistant to vandalism. Furthermore, the exterior durability should be matched by a low-maintenance and high-quality interior – which include good camera systems, quality audio and a durable keypad, if included.

Remotely Access Your Doors

WIll the Video Doorbell System allow you to reliably remotely access your entrances? When remote access isn’t reliable, and inferior systems malfunction, users will find themselves no safer than when they relied on a simple lock and key. When things work well, you should expect to see, hear and speak with whoever is requesting access to your home or business –  from anywhere in the world.

While you’re remotely accessing your doors, you’ll also want to ensure your Wi-Fi network isn’t vulnerable – some systems can leave your personal information more accessible to hackers.

Audio and Video

Poor audio and video quality are other majorly disruptive issues that can quickly take away from the margin of safety provided by smart doorbells. Look for devices with proven technology, little room for error, and 2-way audio and video streams that are viewable (and compatible with) your device of choice.

Monthly Maintenance or App Fees

One of the final features that customers, dealers and business owners forget to consider when choosing a smart doorbell system are hidden monthly maintenance or application fees. Some of the most popular devices on the market charge monthly or yearly fees for camera use, recording services, and other use fees.

Keri Systems Entraguard ONE & ONE+™ Video Doorbell / Intercom

Keri Systems developed its Entraguard ONE and ONE+ based on feedback from the access control industry, successes and failures of competitors, and the requests from its customer base who need better door security for residences or small commercial enterprises.

The units are App-Based, VOIP (Voice Over IP), Mobile Compatible and Wi-Fi or Ethernet Ready. Optimized for Smaller enterprises and homes, Keri focused on providing a solution for affordable electronic door control with all the features users need for optimal functionality.  They are intended for use on single-doors and provide video monitoring of a door as well as 2-way audio communication and remote door control from up to four internet-connected smart devices.

Entraguard ONE and Entraguard ONE + are also extremely rugged and ready to take on heavy use and the elements. The cast-aluminum enclosure provides a robust housing that is far superior to other video doorbell units on the market.

Some of the other standout features of Entraguard ONE & ONE+ include:


  • NO Monthly Maintenance Fee and Low Maintenance
  • 2-way audio and live video stream viewable on device
  • Easy Installation
  • Additional Keypad that can be used for user access
  • Adjustable Door Unlock Time
  • LED Lighting
  • Minimal Internet Speed Required

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