Standardization and Special Software Features

Throughout 27 years in the security industry, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the successes as well as the shortcomings of various access control products. During this time, one of the most important things I’ve identified as a precursor to success and profit is the ability for dealers to learn and perfect their skills and standardize on one software platform. Software

One of the best examples of this scenario involves Keri’s free software. With this tool at hand, dealers have the ability to learn a single software platform and then, whether they’re installing one door or hundreds of doors, they have all the tools they need at their disposal.

Even Standard Edition software is extremely feature-rich, and typically offers more than most applications require. There are also numerous additional software modules that can be added to accommodate more complex or sophisticated applications.   Having all these options available has proven beneficial to both the dealer and end user as their need to expand and/or customize their system changes.  Additionally, supports 9 different hardware platforms including NXT, NXT-MSC, PXL, Entraguard, three different Mercury platforms, AllegionAssa Abloy and video integration.


In response to requests from our dealer base, Keri recently released Visual Doors, which is included with versions 4.0.1 and beyond.  A powerful, yet simplified graphic user interface, that provides dealers and end users easy access to the most commonly used features.

Feedback on this new GUI has been very positive as it is very easy for the dealer to learn and teach the end user.  For those who do not need to access the full depth of, it’s a perfect solution.

Access Control Software Success Stories – Special Software Features

Some of the recent success stories I’ve seen are directly tied to Keri Software’s special features.

Advanced System Calendar

  • The Advanced System Calendar simplifies the process of setting up, in advance, particularly sophisticated schedules.  I have seen this used frequently in facilities such as Houses of Worship where they generally have many access points, which correspond with many different schedules. For example, in addition to multiple worship services, pre-school operating hours may be M-F 8-6 in one wing of the building, but the Boy Scout Troop meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in a different location.
  • Recently, an art gallery in the Philadelphia area used this feature to schedule, months in advance, that one or more doors unlock for special events/exhibits outside normal operating hours. (Global Linkage may be required depending on application.)

Professional Report Client

The Professional Report Client is an increasingly popular special feature. Users are able to custom design reports beyond what is standard with  In addition to simply adding the needed information to a report, users can couple this with the Advanced System Calendar and Global Linkage to automate the report to be run and emailed to designated users at a specific date and time.  I have found that manufacturing plants and national online retailer warehouses find this feature particularly beneficial.

Easy Elevator Control

Elevator Control can be a complex scenario, utilizing specialty controllers and high-end software from access control manufacturers.  These special controllers carried a premium price tag and were set up differently than normal door controllers.  Keri’s Elevator control is as mainstream as it gets.  Doors.NET has the inherent ability to handle elevator control and only requires the use of Keri’s Mercury Enabled controllers and an inexpensive software module, available from any reseller.  Together with Keri’s NXT-4×4 option boards, a single, four-door controller can handle up to 20 floors of Elevator control.  For larger installations, encompassing many floors, a larger interface, that Keri calls the GIOX (Greater I/O Expansion platform) is available.

There are many factors involved in designing the right solution for any given application, but with Keri software from the Standard to the enterprise level Professional Edition software, Keri’s got you covered.


Dawn Mickelson has been working and gaining expertise in the security industry since 1990, including positions in sales and management. She has referred to Access Control as her “first love” in the industry, and has enjoyed seeing the changes in the industry throughout her career.

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