What To Look For In An Access Control System

What do you need to consider when planning to purchase an access control security solution
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Look for a Solution that is Intuitive

Access Control Software shouldn’t require an advanced degree.

Training employees on the operation of an access control system can be a time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating process. Keri Systems solutions are scaled to meet the needs and experience of the operator. Our software is very user-friendly with comprehensive built-in help sections. We have detailed (but easy to understand) documentation, a dedicated knowledge base, and a YouTube channel with many informative training videos.

Backwards Compatible

A System Should Support Common Devices

Keri Systems has versions of software that can be deployed on iOS or Android devices, Windows PCs (in desktop or virtual environments), or via Web Browser. Our hardware and software are VPN and VLAN compliant and require nearly unnoticeable bandwidth usage.

Capable of Integrating with other Services

Keri Systems products are designed to integrate with other applications. If you have other security infrastructure and want to interface with a Keri Access Control System, there is a good chance that an interface exists or is being planned for the near future. Keri is constantly working with many technology partners in the security industry. Currently, there are integrations planned or in place for: Time and Attendance, Visitor Management, Video Management/Integration, Wireless Lock products, Pedestrian Turnstiles, and high-end Facility Intercom.


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Protect Your Employees, Tenants, and Assets

Installing a Keri Access Control System shows a commitment to security that can often earn discounts on insurance and can forestall lawsuits from unscrupulous associates, who could claim a lack of concern for personal security. Even a Keri Access Control reader on a wall can sometimes deter unwanted or forced entry by showing that sophisticated security is in place within the facility.

Automatically and Intelligently Secure Your Facility

Protect your bottom-line. Access Control is much more than just an electronic key! Keri’s Access Control Systems are highly-intelligent integrations that assume a functional role in executing key security decisions.


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