Automate your security

Security Systems for Multi Tenant Apartments & Residential Housing


Remove the headache from managing dozens or hundreds of tenants

Protect your tenants and property with managed access. Our security systems enable you to easily manage fob keys, set up door alarms, manage private elevators, and monitor your facilities with CCTV.


Grant and revoke tenant access remotely


Create premium communal areas (gyms and parking)


Manage telephone entry panels, CCTV, and elevator control

Over 90,000 Organizations Chose Keri When Security Mattered Most
Customizable and inuitive security designed to facilitate your needs

Ease of Use and Efficiency


Facility Management

Manage access to special facilities such as gyms or spas.

door open

Simple Staff Interface

Reduce learning time and training costs with intuitive software.

user unlock

Individual Tenant Access Rights

Manage credential rights on an individual basis.


Exportable Activities

Export activity to assist with reporting or investigations.

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Occupancy Counting

Enforce occupancy limits to set areas.

Increase revenue and cut costs

Automate the Management of Your Property

Keri Systems has developed robust access control systems for apartment buildings around the world. Due to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by residential housing and apartment complexes, many installations pay for themselves in just a few years.

Increase desirability & revenue

The demand for cutting-edge technologies means that residents are willing to pay higher rent if a building is secured using modern technologies.

Prevent a catastrophic and expensive re-keying scenario

Costs to re-key a large facility can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eliminating keys eliminates this risk.

Manage tenant and employee access

Electronic access control assures the ability to instantly and electronically change access rights to any party with a credential.

Run everything from one software package

Combine perimeter access control, telephone entry/video intercom, and gate control into a single an easy to use software package.

Recover revenue by preventing illegal resident subleasing

Locate residents who are illegally subleasing and gain a rapid return on investment in rent-controlled area, providing the means to remove them.

Address unsanctioned residents or late rent payment

Identify odd entrance patterns to find unsanctioned tenants. Restrict access to common areas and amenities doors until a late rent payment is recovered.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Automate the management and maintenance of your let agreements and tenant access. Prevent illegal subletting and eliminate the possibility of a catastrophic re-keying incident. Create new revenue streams through special facilities and gym access.


Step 1

Share your project specifications with us

Our expert support staff will ask you a few simple questions about your projects' specifications.

Step 2

We connect you with a local Keri expert installer

Once we understand your project requirements we'll connect you with one of our approved installation partners.

Step 3

We're your partner from initial order to final installation

Over the last 30 years we've likely already secured a project similar to yours. Gain expert insights from our friendly team.

Dozens of Integrations

Our industry leading software and dozens of integration partners can strengthen your ability to manage all aspects of your building. Letting you intuitively manage installations around the block or around the globe — all from a single location.

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