Oceanside Cove Residential Apartment Complex

  • Gated Community
  • 48 acres
  • 2 Buildings
  • 498 units

Site Description

Located on the south shore of Long Island, New York, Oceanside Cove is a gated community of 498 luxury, residential, co-op apartments. Amenities include two clubhouses, a fully equipped health club, a swimming pool, and walking trails on the 48-acre site. Each apartment unit has its own front door; there are no common hallways. The 2,000 residents are mostly families and singles, though 25 percent of the complex has “golden age zoning” (minimum age: 62).

The Situation

Oceanside Cove first installed Keri access control equipment in 1999. The initial Keri installation included the front gate, office, clubhouses, and health club. All controllers were installed in a central location.

Over the years, Edward Russo, who is responsible for security at Oceanside Cove, realized that the distances between some controllers and their doors — as much as 500 feet, the maximum allowable length — were limiting the proximity readers’ reading range. The underground cabling connecting the installation also was suffering water damage.

The real turning point came in late 2004, when a new Keri controller was scheduled to be added.

The Keri Solution

Mr. Russo and the homeowners’ association agreed that this was a perfect time to upgrade the entire system. “We pride ourselves on being technologically advanced for a co-op community,” he says. “Keri had just introduced wireless so we decided to take a chance. We would take the whole system wireless and move all the controllers closer to the readers.”

The work was completed in early 2005. Keri KWX wireless transceivers transmit data between controllers, to manage all access control points using DoorsTM software. Using KWX wireless transceivers simplified the rewiring process significantly. PXL series controllers with SB expansion boards are used on the main gate and on entrances to the two clubhouses and the health club. Equipment that was working well was not replaced. For example, at the main gate, Oceanside Cove still uses the MS series reader from the initial installation.

As well as using Keri’s standard readers, cards, and controllers, Oceanside Cove also uses Keri IntelliProx 2000 controllers to provide compatibility with existing non-Keri security equipment — converting the signals from this equipment to standard Wiegand 26-bit format, which is then processed by Keri PXL-500 Wiegand controllers.

Oceanside Cove uses MT-26X Proximity Cards for the cards’ photo ID capabilities. About 10 temporary cards are kept on hand to be issued at real estate closings when units are sold. The new owners then visit the community office at their convenience to have their permanent photo ID created and printed on the card. Employees carry PKT-26X Proximity Key Tags.


“We thought we were taking a chance,” says Mr. Russo. “but it worked out very well for us.” The wireless installation has virtually eliminated the read range problem caused by the long cable run lengths. Shortening the cable run lengths by moving the controllers also has significantly improved the read range. “When the controller was 500 yards away from the front gate, we used to get just 3 inches, now we get a read range of 12 to 14 inches with the controller being closer,” says Mr. Russo. And of course, the underground water damage issue is gone along with the cables.

Mr. Russo concludes, “Keri equipment is easy to use and cost effective. When we decided to go wireless, Keri offered the options we needed.”

Equipment Used

  • 2 RPB-500 RF Receivers
  • 3 KWX Wireless Transceivers
  • 5 IntelliProx 2000 Single-Door Controllers
  • 2 PXL-500W Tiger II Controllers
  • 1 SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board
  • 3 PXL-250W Controllers
  • 2 SB-293 Satellite Expansion Boards
  • 2 MS-3000 Proximity Readers
  • 4 MS-4000 Proximity Readers
  • 1 MS-7000 Proximity Reader
  • 1 MS-9000 Proximity Reader
  • 2,000 MT-26X MultiTechnology Proximity Cards
  • 20 PKT-26X Proximity Key Tags
  • Doors software

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