Access Control Hardware


Keri Systems Credentials (Key Cards and Fobs) 

Keri Systems Credentials

Keri manufactures its own proximity access key cards and tags, all available in Keri format, NXT format, or HID Prox II Comparable 26-bit format.
Assign your occupants an access control credential, either an access key card, key fob or proximity patch, to allow for the identification or access to key card or key fob holders only. Keri can also provide imageable printable cards, to view Keri’s variety of access control credentials, including key cards, key fobs, and sticky proximity patches choose your format below. We also offer Farpointe Pyramid credentials for the Farpointe reader product line – Contact us to order farpointe credentials.


Keri NXT Credentials

  • NXT-C Light prox card
  • NXT-I & S Multi-tech cards
  • NXT-K Proximity key fob
  • NXT-AP Adhesive prox patch

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Keri MS Credentials

  • KC10X/KC-26X Light prox cards
  • MT-10X/MT-26X Multi tech prox cards
  • PKT-10X/PKT-26X Proximity key fob
  • AP-10X Adhesive prox patch

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Keri Receivers

  • MS-1400 Keri-Key 2 Channel Receiver MS Output
  • TM-20 Transmitters
  • TM-40 Transmitter


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Add-On & Replacement Credentials

All three Keri Proximity Credentials (key cards and key fobs or patches) can be used interchangeably, and are available in both “off the shelf” pre-programmed and custom facility code versions as well as ID range versions of industry-standard 26-Bit Wiegand format. Keri can also provide HID® ProxCard II® 26-Bit capable credentials. 

Custom key card or key fob formatting is also available as required for adding credentials to existing applications. For specific 26-bit facility code and ID ranges, customers simply need to provide facility code, and internal/external and start/stop ID numbers.




Custom & Replacement Credentials

Pre-programmed custom facility code/ID range versions of industry-standard 26-Bit Wiegand format.

HID® ProxCard II® 26-Bit capable credentials.

Custom card formatting as required for adding credentials to existing applications.

  • 1326AKHD Standard Light proximity card
  • 1386AKHD-I (Imageable)
  • 1346AKHD

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We stand by our engineering and craftsmanship and are so confident of reliability that we back our products with extensive industry-leading warranties.

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