Doors.NET Standard & Pro Software Modules:

Part Number Description Notes
DNET-ADD-CL additional client license
DNET-BADGE photo badging client
SW-CAPU reader, input/output capacity upgrade (increase) 64 reader, 256 input, 256 output capacity upgrade
DNET-ALNK advanced local linkage requires MSC controllers, used with 4x4s and MR16-IN/-OUT-S3
DNET-ELV elevator control using 4x4s requires MSC controllers
700-CAL system calendar supports basic one-to-one functions
DNET-RPT report client requires System Calendar for automatic report scheduling
700-TA time and attendance export utility for exporting data to third party Time & Attendance systems
DNET-KGW additional standard NXT gateway 64 controllers max per gateway
SW-SGWM additional NXT-MSC gateway 256 controllers max per gateway
SW-AGWM additional Mercury gateway 256 controllers max per gateway
SW-PGWM additional PXL & Entraguard gateway 64 master controllers max per gateway
DNET-TPY-CL additional Telepathy client license
DNET-TPY-SVR additional Telepathy app server connection
DNET-TPY-GBL Telepathy global license for unlimited use of Telepathy in an Enterprise system
DOORS.WEB mobile and browser command and control client for Doors.NET


Doors.NET PRO ONLY Software Modules:

Part Number Description Notes
DNET-ELV elevator control using MR16OUT-S3 requires MSC controllers
700-ROLL roll call/muster enables the Muster station and Roll Call functions
700-GLS global linkage and automation allows I/O linking between NXT controllers as well as Global Anti Passback
700-CAL system calendar requires 700-GLS Global Linkage and Automation license for scheduling backups, downloads, and reports
700-SMM advanced situation manager allows system-wide adjustments based on threat-level assessments
700-LDAP Microsoft Active Directory LDAP interface Microsoft Active Directory LDAP interface, MS Active Directory ONLY