Security Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Access Control for Healthcare Facilities


Safeguard the health and security of your patients and staff.

Discover highly-scalable integrated security solutions that can be managed from anywhere.

Over 90,000 Organizations Chose Keri When Security Mattered Most

Assist the Frontline

shield virus

Control Outbreaks

Adjust your access criteria during an outbreak, to assist with infection control.

door open

Firm Visiting Hours

Enforce firm visiting hours automatically based on time scheduled access.

list check

Occupancy Counting

Control the occupancy count of individual areas, restrict access once a limit is reached.


Time and Attendance for Employees

Time and attendance tracking to register work hours for staff & HR Depts.

Ensure patient, employee, and visitor safety

Control Access and Protect the Vulnerable

Keri Systems has developed robust access control systems for healthcare facilities around the world. Due to the unique challenges presented by healthcare spaces and services, installations use features to optimize security and ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff.

Roll-call and reference database

Create a database of patient, staff, and visitor access to contribute to a management tool. Roll-call can be used in emergency evacuation scenarios to see who is still in the building.

Real-time mapping

Monitor the facility via a real-time graphic map in 2D or 3D. Allowing you to see up-to-date occupancy counts in the building, whilst auditing movement throughout. 

Control access for different individuals

Limit access to certain spaces for different people. For example, restricting vendor access to warehouses only. Ensure that only those who require access can enter certain areas.

Run everything from one software package

Combine perimeter access control, CCTV, visitor management, and auditing into a single and easy to use software package.

Restrict visiting hours

Use timed-access to set strict limits on when visitors can access the facility. Combine this with occupancy counts to ensure only a certain amount of visitors can enter during these times.

Time and attendance for staff

Montior when staff enter and exit the facility and create audit trails of their movement through the day in the case of litigation events. This can also help in stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Dozens of Integrations

Our industry leading software and dozens of integration partners can strengthen your ability to manage all aspects of your building. Letting you intuitively manage installations around the block or around the globe — all from a single location.

Safeguard Patients and Staff

Create firm visiting hours, secure passageways, and protect property. Integrate with visitor management tools to automate visitor check-in. Use advanced reporting tools to track and trace, measure time in building, and implement zone control to manage and monitor the movement of visitors, staff, and patients.


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