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Win new business and grow your security company. We're by your side from initial bid to final inspection.

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We begin the process with a 15-30 minute phone call to determine if we have a solution that can meet the needs of your job.

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Our expert support team will help you design a security solution that meets your client’s needs and your financial requirements.

We partner with you to win new business

We know that once a plan is designed, there is still a competitive bidding process. We help you convince stakeholders and win new business.

Expert customer support  available

Once you’ve closed the sale and are on-site installing our equipment, our expert support team is available in the event that you need assistance.

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We’re a good fit when

  • Reliability is critical for your success.
  • You like generous manufacturer warranties.
  • You prefer to talk to real people on the phone.
  • You don’t believe in one-size-fits all solutions.

So you can avoid

  • Going over-budget.
  • Unreliable hardware and software.
  • Failing to meet project specifications.
  • Overlooked details and catastrophic surprises.

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We help you increase your margins, reward your sales team with higher commissions and grow your business.


Bid with confidence

We take great pride in our fruitful relationships with our partners. We are with your business every step of the way.


Win new projects

Flexible security solutions that scale up or down and integrate with other providers so you can bid on projects you wouldn’t have before.


Grow your business

These are your solutions and success stories. Use your own flexible pricing and margins for your customers installations.

Expand Your Range

Our industry-leading software and dozens of integration partners allow you to increase the size, complexity and revenue generated by your installations.


Video Surveillance


Wireless Locking


Telephone Entry Panels


Advanced Elevator Control


Emergency & Safety Systems


And Much More...

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Keri Systems is one of the largest independent Access Control OEMs in the world. We’ve been securing and protecting critical assets for over 30 years. 

Keri Extensive Warranties

Reliability Assured

We stand by our engineering and craftsmanship and are so confident of reliability that we back our products with extensive industry-leading warranties.

See what other access control and security professionals have to say:

You can have a great product, but more importantly is the technical support that comes with it, which is why Keri Systems is the choice and the company to work with.


Walker Safety Products PTE Ltd

Keri is so easy to use. It is very flexible, requires little attention, and the people at Keri have been very helpful. Software updates are painless.

Mr. Russo

Nolan Hubley, Wiltron Manufacturing

Professional and solid access control equipment based around the mercury platform. Sales and Technical support second to none. If the kit works when it is unboxed then it will work forever


Blakeglow Systems, London

How to Evaluate an Access Control Partner

We understand that choosing and integrating an automated security system takes time and has a significant upfront cost. While most access control systems pay themselves off in a few years, it’s important to keep a few questions in mind when choosing a partner.

Are they reliable?

How long has the access control company been in business? Will they be around to support and maintain your installation in 10 years?

Who do they answer to?

Is the companies primary motive to increase corporate earnings and shareholder value? Or are they in business to serve their customers needs?

Can the solution scale?

Does the hardware and software have the capacity to scale as your business grows and adapt to the changing needs of your business?

Can you add features?

Will the security system integrate with products like video surveillance, wireless locks, elevator control, or the next security innovation?

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Our Promise

The Keri Commitment

We succeed when you do. That’s why we do everything we can to give you the tools and support you need to win business and nurture happy clients.

As one of the largest independent Access Control OEMs in the world, our focus is always on you, the customer, unlike many corporate providers whose primary motive is to maximize their stock price.  We will proudly put our 30-year track record of outstanding products and service against any other Access Control provider.

We give you the tools and support to be confident in your bids, competitive in your pricing, and design profitable solutions that make your clients happy.