Doors32 was Discontinued in 2020

Doors32 Software

Managing and monitoring doors made simple.

In January 2020, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7, the final operating system authorized for use with Doors32. 

Consequently, Keri Systems was forced to discontinue support for Doors32 as well.


Your easy upgrade path is available!

Let our conversion experts move you to Borealis

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Loved Doors32? Borealis is the answer.

Designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. Borealis provides a familiar user-friendly experience, like Doors32, with a vastly improved feature-set and flexibility.


 Built on the Same Ethos as Doors32

Borealis is a leading cloud-access solution, built on one of the most technologically advanced frameworks. Borealis is here for the future and will be evolving for many years to come!


Simple User Interface

Borealis has been designed from the ground up using the same ethos as Doors32, A dynamic and easy to navigate interface.

Easy to Use

Just like Doors32, Borealis is really easy to use. The interface reduces the clicks required to perform tasks and has easy wizards to walk you through configuration.

Lightweight Platform

As Borealis is a cloud solution there is no software to install as all you require is an internet-enabled browser – Borealis works on all devices too!

Enhanced Features

Doors32 is over 30 years old, by moving to a cloud solution you will receive free updates automatically as there’s no software to manually update.

Borealis - Cloud Based Access Control
Cloud-hosted access control solution

On-Demand Control Of Your Facilities

Simplify access control connectivity, delivering global accessibility, scalability, and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine. Connect your security installation to the cloud.

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Benefits of Moving to Borealis:

Borealis is a cloud-based solution, managed from a web browser, therefore you can log in and manage your access control solution with ease from anywhere on any device with internet connectivity.

switchable themes

Benefits of Borealis
Cloud Hosted Access Control

  • No Software Required
  • Browser-Based
  • Remotely Accessible
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready
  • All-in-one Dashboard
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Hosted In The Cloud
  • Eliminate Local Servers
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Infinitely Scalable Solution
  • Multi-Site Control
  • Unlimited System Operators

Improved Disaster Recovery

With cloud storage, you can quickly and easily recover your data in events such as a natural disaster or a cyber attack.

Keri Systems, in conjunction with AWS, offers backup and disaster recovery services so you can rest-assured that your data is safe and secure.


Enhanced Security

By using cloud-based architecture, your security will be enhanced as your data is stored off-site, making it more difficult for hackers to access.

Only those who have been granted permission can view or manipulate data. 

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Borealis full cloud conversion service

How can you move from Doors32 to Borealis?

Keri Systems has a team of conversion experts who can move your existing system and configuration to Borealis for you.


The Process is Simple.

With our cloud conversion program, you’ll be able to focus on what makes your company great. We will take care of the entire conversion process for you.

Step 1

Send your data.

Send us your existing database for conversion.

Step 2

Connect to the cloud.

Plug in your pre-configured hub that we send you.


Step 3

Switch to Borealis.

We’ll help you turn off your existing access control solution.

Step 4

All done!

That’s it. Now you can manage your solution from anywhere using Borealis.

Cloud Based Access Control on Mobile Phone


On-demand control of your facilities from anywhere

Simplify access control connectivity, delivering global accessibility, scalability and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine. Connect your security installation to the cloud.

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