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Access Control for Commercial Business


Commercial real estate is full of risk. Your security system shouldn’t be.

We’ll connect you with a local security expert who can help you protect your building, mitigate risk, and reduce your liability.

Over 90,000 Organizations Chose Keri When Security Mattered Most

Easily Manage Your Building

Create user groups and provide access only to each groups’ requirements. Prevent unauthorized access, automatically manage visitors, comply with COVID-19 occupancy restrictions, and respond rapidly in the event of an emergency.


Timed Access

Only allow access during timed intervals such as work hours.

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Occupancy Counting

Control occupancy limits to designated areas.


Assign Access Rights to Teams

Restrict access to a team or business level in shared workspaces.

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Permit Teams Area Control

Allow access management of your individual workspace in a shared environment.

Features to help you streamline management

Automate the Management of Your Facility

Keri Systems has developed robust access control systems for commercial facilities around the world. Due to the unique challenges presented by multi-tenant, commerical, and mixed use spaces, installations use features to optimize security and streamline system management.

Roll-call and reference database

Create a database of employee and tenant access to contribute to a management tool for use in billing and rentals. Roll-call can be used in emergency evacuation scenarios.

Timed access

Can be used for external and internal doors. Allows the adminstrator to ensure access to particular spaces can only be granted at certain times and intervals.

Isolate tenant and commerical spaces

Electronic access control allows the administrator to partition a single system into any number of tenancies. Permit each tenant to control their own access.

Run everything from one software package

Combine perimeter access control, CCTV, telephone entry/video intercom, and elevator control into a single and easy to use software package.

Lower property insurance rates

Contribute to lowering your tenants insurance rates. Installing a Keri Access Control System shows a commitment to security that can often earn discounts on insurance.

Auditing and reporting

Provide an audit trail of access for security investigation purposes. Allows tenant and visitor access times to be compiled into reports, as well as identifying odd entrance patterns or anomalies.

Dozens of Integrations

Our industry leading software and dozens of integration partners can strengthen your ability to manage all aspects of your building. Letting you intuitively manage installations around the block or around the globe — all from a single location.

Integrated Security For Commercial Buildings

Protect your building with intrusion detection, video surveillance, and fire detection. Prevent unauthorized access while maintaining an easy-to-use and efficient workspace for your tenants.

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