Scrubbie Pines Campground

  • 70 acres
  • 18-hole Miniature Golf Course
  • 107 Campsites
  • Softball Fields
  • 7 Cabins
  • Playground

Site Description

Scrubbie Pines Campground ( is a 70-acre family camping resort located in the pine forest of southern New Jersey. Opened in 1973, the facility has 107 campsites, 7 cabins, an 18-hole mini golf course, softball fields, hiking and nature trails, store, dump station, laundry, and more. Approximately 1,800 families visit Scrubbie Pines every year during its April-October season, for recreation from day visits to full-season stays. The property is completed fenced in and has five gates. Guests enter and exit through the main gate, one gate is for employees only, and the other three public gates are exit-only gates.

The Situation

Before they installed the Keri access control system, “it was party time here,” says Vicki Elley, co-owner with her husband, Robert Elley. “People were bringing in 15 relatives. There were many openings we couldn’t see from our office. It was horrible.” She knew they needed a way to keep out nonpayers and troublemakers.

Then in 1997, during a tour of other campgrounds sponsored by the New Jersey Campground Owners Association, Vicki Elley noticed that one of the locations was secured with gates requiring access control cards for entry. Rules for entry and day use, including charges for guest access cards, were prominently posted. “I asked the owner about it and she said, ‘It’s going to make you a lot of money’ – so we decided to look into it.”


The Keri Solution

The Keri system was initially installed at the Scrubbie Pines main gate in 1998. In 2002 the controller was upgraded to the PXL-500, with the MS-3000 MicroStar Proximity Reader. KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Cards are used for guest access at the main gate. DoorsTM software enables the Elleys to manually lock and unlock the gate, add and delete cards as guests enter and leave the campground, create temporary cards, track guest entrances and exits, and keep a database of guest names and license plate numbers.


“In just two years we made back our entire investment,” says Vicki Elley. Scrubbie Pines keeps 60 designated proximity cards for day visitors. Along with the day use charge, visitors pay a $10 refundable gate card pass charge, which entitles them to a temporary card. The visitor’s name and license plate number are recorded in the Doors database. When the card is returned, the gate card pass charge is refunded in full. Says Ms. Elley, “I don’t make money on the card, because they want their $10 back. Most people won’t walk away from ten bucks. I make money on the fees letting them in.” And because all gates are locked and the fence is well maintained, “I can go on the computer and know who’s here,” she adds.

If the visitor leaves without returning the card, after two days the card is unenrolled. For returning guests, the office staff can search the database to learn whether there were any problems.

Every campground owner knows that keeping children safe is crucial to their operation. The Keri system especially helps to provide a feeling of security and peace of mind for families at Scrubbie Pines. Notes Ms. Elley, “Pedophiles stay away from a campground with gates. Pedophiles can’t get into our campground without having to show their face and car, and they don’t want to do that.”

The Elleys particularly like how easy the system is to use. “It’s the best thing we ever did in our campground,” says Vicki Elley. “It produces income – and keeps my clients’ kids safe. We love the Keri system!”


Equipment Used

  • 1 PXL-500 Tiger II Controller
  • 1 MS-3000 MicroStar Proximity Reader
  • KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Cards
  • Doors Software

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