Executive Office Suites Building in Minnesota

  • 57 Rental Office Suites
  • Secretarial Services
  • Internet and Cable Ready
  • Business Center
  • Conference Rooms
  • Fitness Center

Site Description

Located in a suburban complex of townhomes and designed for small businesses or larger businesses needing a satellite office, this building has 57 rental office suites, with sizes ranging from 130 to 245 square feet. The facility offers secretarial services, Internet-ready and cable-ready offices, conference rooms, a business center, membership in the on-site fitness club, and more.

The front entrance has a double set of doors. The exterior doors are always open. The interior doors are locked when the office staff leaves for the day. All office tenants must use the front entrance to reach their office after normal business hours. Office renters enter and exit at all hours, using the conference rooms and other business facilities, so late-night security is particularly important.

The fitness center for the entire complex is located in the office building. However, it has a separate entrance. An interior door connects the office area with the fitness center.

The Situation

When you are not a technical person, and you are responsible for your facility’s security, you need a system that you can understand. At this facility, access control is managed by the Client Services Manager, whose expertise is client support, not security technology.

The Keri Solution

When the building was constructed in 1998, a Keri proximity reader was installed between the front and inner doors controlling the inner set of doors. The system has been upgraded over the years, and currently uses a PXL-500 Tiger II Controller with an MS-3000 Proximity Reader. Each office tenant receives a KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card upon signing a lease. Leases range from 6 months to multiple years, so the DoorsTM database enroll/unenroll function is important to the manager.


“The system provides peace of mind for the clients in the building,” says the Client Services Manager. “It helps track traffic coming into the building.” Every Monday morning, the manager uses the Doors database to run a report of who entered after hours during the past week. “If someone tripped the alarm for any reason I can track traffic to determine who it was,” the manager notes.

But the manager’s favorite aspect of the Keri installation is the ease of use of Doors software. “It meets our needs without being overly techie,” the manager says.

The management is considering adding the fitness club exterior door to the Keri system. Says the manager, “Residents now have keys to the back door. When we changed the fitness club hours for residents, somebody who wasn’t paying attention forgot-and triggered the alarm. If that continues to happen we’ll look at a card system for that door, too.” Human nature being what it is, people too often tend to forget-or try to ignore-procedure changes. We suspect that a second Keri node could be in this building’s not-too-distant future!

Equipment Used

  • 1 PXL-500 Tiger II Controller
  • 1 MS-3000 Proximity Reader
  • KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Cards (at least 1 for each of 57 office tenants)
  • Doors Access Control System Software

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