We’ve been busy.

This month finds Keri Systems emerging from on of the most active and energized periods of our entire history, and all the news is good!


Keri’s new Intelliprox Blue™ has been shipping for about a month now and has proven to be a monumental success.

In addition to being an exceptional solution for smaller door counts with simple programming via mobile device, it is being deployed in some larger installations. Customers have found instances where larger quantities of doors, with minimal need for supervision and maintenance, create a perfect environment for Intelliprox Blue. A wandering manager can log-on to any of the devices individually when in Bluetooth range and change, operate or monitor as necessary.

Take a fresh look at Intelliprox Blue from Keri and keep an eye open for new products that are staged to be released over the next quarter. Everything we’re working-on will be designed bring solid features to the market at costs that will not be prohibitive.

The Move

The month of July saw Keri take on a move from our corporate address that we have occupied for over 10 years to a newer, larger facility. This facility has been designed from scratch to maximize our internal efficiencies and work flow.

The move itself was not without challenges; we had to move all our inventory, every desk, chair, computer, data-line, picture on the wall; everything, right down to our server rack.

This process is difficult for any company, but the folks at Keri stepped up to some monumental challenges. Our biggest hurdle has been the fact that our Network provider (which also includes our telephone communications) fell down on their agreement to get our data and phone lines in place. We are now two weeks late and have been engaged in Herculean efforts to minimize the impact to our constituents.

Hopefully, as you read this, it will shed some light on any efforts you have had in communicating with us in San Jose.

Please note Keri’s new address: 302 Enzo Drive, Suite 190, San Jose, CA 95138

See our last update to view a few pictures from our move.

Keri Branding

So, when all this is done, Keri will emerge newer, faster and more modern. Along with our acceleration process, after nearly 30 years, you will see Keri introduce some new branding. Our business has morphed and evolved over the past third of a century, from a small, hardware-based company, to a multi-national integrated security provider.

We need our appearance to reflect not only where we’ve been, but also where we’re going. Start looking for updated Keri branding to show up on product packaging, data sheets, invoices, the web site and more in the near future. We think you will like the new look and we are anxious to show it off.

The Website

Nothing could be more important to a contemporary electronics manufacturer than their website. As part of Keri’s rebirth, we are working hard behind the scenes to improve your experience here. We’re making it faster, ensuring it exceeds the highest standards for security, stays up to date, and meets all our users’ needs. To the naked eye, there may be little difference from what existed to what we’ve implemented, but under the hood the differences are significant. Stay tuned for an improved experience.

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