ISC West 2019

What better time to plan the release of a new product and architecture than ISC West, where the entire security world has a opportunity to stop by and take a look.  Keri is bringing bring fresh ideas and products into the light, as we always do in Las Vegas. True to our historically creative nature, we are excited to announce some new initiatives and a brand new product, in addition to a display of improvements and updates to our current innovative offerings.

Neutron: on Display at ISC West 2019

Keri’s new addition is designed to address a segment of the market that we once owned.  With the proliferation of foreign, low-cost entries in the access control field, we have decided to revisit those applications that call for a smaller system at an extremely economical cost-per-door.  There is a constant race to pack more features and higher levels of integration into access systems, and yet many dealers simply need an easy, cost-effective, access control solution.

Enter Keri Systems “Neutron”; the first in a new family of controllers!  Neutron resides on a traditional, well-respected RS-485 framework.  This new controller is based on a single door architecture. It is small and attractively packaged, so the controller really doesn’t have to be hidden.  The unit will be able to handle both “in” and “out” readers, using Keri’s exit readers in parallel with our standard NXT readers. Eight of these controllers can be connected via conventional, RS-485 communications, providing simple installation with no necessary networking knowledge.  Keri’s Neutron controllers are designed to run on the very successful and easy to use graphical interface called Visual Doors, providing an intuitive programming and management tool.

A company doesn’t spend 30 years in the access control market without learning a thing or two!  What we have learned is that TCP/IP based systems are favorable for larger integrations with complexities and cross-technology communication. Keri has addressed that market thoroughly with our extensive range of integrated products.

Smaller systems generally carry a much different set of requirements, rooted in cost and simplicity. The typical small system needs to be available on the shelf, install easily, employ traditional and well-understood technology, and be simple to program.  It also needs to be inexpensive and reliable. Keri’s Neutron has been specifically designed to meet these criteria.

On Display at Booth 18117

What else will you see at Keri’s booth this year? You will see the results of Keri’s emphasis on partner relationships with the products of many other manufacturers to create a holistic approach to integrated security.  You will see a grouping of products that target the multi-family marketplace which Keri has always served well. This includes integration to the entire spectrum of Allegion Wireless products, video integration with Milestone, interoperability with Mercury’s new “Red” LP Series boards, and connection to most of the current and trending reader technologies, including Farpointe’s Conekt, Bluetooth readers.  All of this will be shown in parallel with traditional TCP based Access Control, in a freshly designed, brand new booth, to be unveiled this year. If you’re lucky, you may even be offered a peak “under the hood” at some products that are forthcoming.

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Please plan to stop by and see us this year at ISC West.  You will find us eager to greet you in booth 18117, with a lot of new technology to talk about.  For those of you who know us from our many years in business, we will be thrilled to see you again.  For those few who may be meeting us for the first time, please, come be our guest!

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