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SDM recently released an article detailing the current state of access control as it’s unfolding in 2019. They identified some of the common trends that access control-related businesses share in the current marketplace. The professionals at Keri Systems are tracking many of the same trends, and are responding to changes as they come.

Interest from End Users

One of the top trends SDM detailed was a resurgence in interest from end-users. Keri Systems has renewed its focus on this customer group in response to that demand. End-user educational materials are some of the most accessed materials on our website and newsletters. We are striving to provide options, resources, and guidance to end-users so they can bring their ideas and preferences to the table when they communicate with our dealers and sales team.

The access control purchaser of today has many options and understands they must arrive at their purchasing decisions via thorough education.  Often the questions we hear are very direct and technical, due to myriad resources available in the marketplace.  Many of our new technical developments are inspired by a shared demand between end users and access control professionals, such as our popular Intelliprox Blue and Neutron, which are simple, and impressively user-friendly.

Upgrades – shortened timeline

The article also mentioned an uptick in upgrades and cited changing buyers and interests, cybersecurity concerns, return on investment, and several other factors contributing to the changes. This trend ties into the previous example of an educated purchasing public.  The purchasing end-user of today is very concerned with return on investment, product life, and upgrade options.  With most security managers possessing at least rudimentary knowledge of networks, we find that they are more apt to base their purchases on good business fundamentals and downstream utility, along with easy upgrade potential.

User Experiences: Smartphone use in access control

It’s no surprise to anyone that the world has gone mobile.  In this age, Keri has accepted and modeled our new product development to a mobile society.  We understand that a new generation of people expect to manage more of their lives through their mobile devices.  They want to lock and unlock, arm and disarm, grant access to, and view everything on their phone.  To this end, we at Keri feel that we have our “marching orders.”  All eyes are on mobile.

Keri Systems Trends: Scalability, flexibility and interoperability in Multi-Family facilities

For Keri Systems, this is a big one!  Over the past couple of years, Keri has redoubled its efforts to expand our offerings into the multi-family environment.  We are rapidly becoming the industry leader in these amalgamated offerings, which has resulted in close connections being formed with some very strong partners.  Along with those partners, Keri can secure an entire multi-family, multi-tenant, or mixed-use facility with literally every conceivable modern technology, all managed through one software program.  Partners and integration are integral and essential to accommodating the current security requirements of a changing world.

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