GOLD CERTIFIED: Keri Systems gains top certification from SimonsVoss Technologies   Norwich, United Kingdom. – May 17, 2021 Keri Systems’ reliability, quality, and flexibility have been recognized with Gold Certification from SimonsVoss Technologies, which provides digital locking systems to commercial premises. We are now one of just eleven companies to have gained gold standard certification with SimonsVoss. Keri Systems offers full integration with SimonsVoss, on both new and existing installations.  With our flagship software, Doors.NET, users can manage their SimonsVoss locks from one place, offering comprehensive access control of multiple installations or sites. SimonsVoss wireless locks not only save time and money that would be spent running cables but also offer state-of-the-art integrated technologies to make their locks as secure as possible. Features include:

  • Euro Profile Locks
  • Built-in WiFi, enabling daily updates to be sent directly from the software host.
  • Engage technology, enabling real-time communication with the ENGAGE Gateway and software alliances.
  • Weather-resistant design for use on external doors.
  • Battery life of up to two years.

Keri Systems is proud to be a gold-certified integrator for SimonsVoss Technologies and looks forward to future advances in our integrations. Only available in countries using Euro profile locksets.