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Convert to the cloud, free of charge

We are proud to announce a cloud conversion tool allowing current customers to upgrade their current Doors.NET software to our revolutionary cloud based system, Borealis®, at no cost.

This upgrade will involve using a conversion tool to transfer your Doors.NET database, allowing you to take advantage of cloud technology without the need to re-enter your database. All existing credentials and NXT hardware (controllers and readers) can still be used. Customers with PXL and Legacy installations can also take advantage of Keri Systems’ lucrative upgrade program to modernize hardware whilst converting to Borealis.

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For our PXL and Legacy customers, the time to upgrade is now, as Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 is ending. Due to Doors32’s incompatibility with newer operating systems and Microsoft’s decision to stop releasing updates for Windows 7, we strongly recommend upgrading.


Borealis provides users with protection from data loss and removes the need for system updates, as these are done automatically. Server failures will not pose the risk of data loss, as all information is stored on highly secure Amazon Web Servers, which do not have to be manually maintained. You are also guaranteed to stay up-to-date with security and feature updates via the cloud.

Borealis is a cloud-based access control solution that enables users to monitor and modify their access control systems from virtually any browser on any device. The main attraction of the cloud is global accessibility, scalability, and device-friendliness, meaning you can manage your access control solution wherever you are.

Why should I convert to the cloud?

Borealis is a powerful and highly secure cloud solution that offers:

      • Real-time events – keep an eye on who’s entering and leaving your building – from anywhere in the world.
      • Customized reporting – set your own criteria to monitor and automate reports according to that criteria.
      • Remote card management – add and remove users from anywhere.
      • Remote lock and unlock – secure your building from your device at the touch of a button.
      • Scheduling – Set times for your doors to automatically allow or deny access.
      • Rule-based access control – access levels can be customized based on the role of a user.
      • Multiple-user logins – Allow multiple users to administer your building security and customize their dashboards.
      • Device friendliness – Borealis works on both mobile and desktop devices with a web browser.

The free conversion tool will be available from November 29th 2021, to all existing customers who wish to move their solution to Borealis.

If you would like to convert and harness the power of the cloud, give us a call or fill out the form below to talk to an expert.

Note: This information is correct at the time this article was published. Further updates and features will become available as Borealis develops.

Please check the Borealis product page for the latest news and updates.

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