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Extend the value of your PXL solutions

Your customers’ PXL Controllers are still going strong so why replace them?
By moving to Borealis, your customers gain a multitude of exciting features and benefits, and you’re extending the life of their system.

PXL Controller Support

PXL Controllers are now Borealis Compatible!

  • No legacy licenses
  • Older Windows operating systems pose security threats
  • Increase revenue by prolonging existing PXL installations
  • No hardware changes or rewiring required
  • No software, and no more manual updates on Borealis
  • New features as soon as you log in
  • Reduce your labor with remote system servicing
  • Manage all customers with your dealer login
  • Costly servers, PC’s and virtual machines, become thing of the past
  • Eliminate the risk of losing access data

We are committed to ensuring our solutions remain some of the longest serving in the industry! therefore we have added support for our Legacy PXL Controllers on Borealis, our revolutionary true-cloud solution.


Critical Security Update:

With older Windows operating systems no longer receiving security updates, this leaves them vulnerable to cyber attacks – Therefore, We’ve added PXL-500’s into Borealis to mitigate the risk while prolonging the lifespan of existing solutions.

We strongly advise moving Doors32 Solutions to Borealis as it’s the best way to protect your data and keep your business running smoothly.

Existing customer? Upgrading has never been easier!

White Glove Conversion

Borealis Conversion

Move your existing Doors.NET configuration to Borealis, without any manual intervention or hard work required.

Let us handle the ENTIRE process!

We will convert your database, configure your system and site, and handle the whole move for you, it’s really easy!

Leaving you, to just log into your new cloud solution!

The Sky is the Limit with Borealis – Cloud-Based Access Control

Reinforce your peace of mind

Monitor and manage from anywhere

Borealis is designed to work on multiple devices, allowing you to manage and monitor your access control from anywhere.

With an internet-enabled browser, you can always keep track of your security by viewing events within your building in real-time.

Real time events

Keep an eye on who is coming and going from your building, wherever you are.


View the history of access throughout your building by running incident reports.

Remote card management

You can add or remove users remotely using cloud key management.

Remote unlock

Your mobile device can be used to lock and unlock doors from any location.


Your doors can be set to restrict access to users during certain times.

Rule-based access control

Set up access rights so that specific doors can only be accessed by specific users.

Multiple user logins

Administrate your building’s security by giving multiple users logins and permissions.

Device friendly

You can use Borealis on any device that has a web browser, including both Android and iOS.


No software to install, no data loss

  • Forget about software updates and operating systems; your cloud solution keeps itself up-to-date.
  • A cloud database is always accessible and cannot be lost.
  • No manual maintenance backups.
  • Put an end to disruptions caused by server or computer problems.
  • No more software licenses.
  • Keep your data safe, secure, and backed up with a 99.9% SLA.

Designed for ease of use

  • Manage multiple locations without the need for VPNs or complicated networking.
  • Minimize migration stress by reusing existing readers and credentials.
  • Make changes or view events in an emergency without being physically present.
  • Increase business efficiency and flexibility with a completely scaleable solution.
Borealis UI computer
Borealis UI macbook

Mobile and browser friendly

  • Responsive user interface for all device-types.
  • Allow multiple operators to log in and make changes.
  • New features added without any additional installation or downtime.
  • Stay prepared for the future.

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On-demand control of your facilities from anywhere

Simplify access control connectivity, delivering global accessibility, scalability, and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine, Connect your security installation to the cloud.

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