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What’s new on Borealis?

Change Log - November 2023

What changed on Borealis during November?

We are excited to announce the November update, which brings useful changes to enhance your Borealis experience.

Increased Credential Count to 50,000

The total number of credentials per Borealis system has been increased from 10,000 to 50,000.

Support for Authentic Mercury

Borealis now fully supports authentic Mercury hardware on our cloud solution.

OSDP Reader Support

Borealis now allows you to add a OSDP readers to any controller type that supports
OSDP readers – (including NXT-MSC controllers). The ability to add multiple OSDP readers to a controller’s bus will be implemented in a future release along with the ability to define custom behavior for the OSDP reader’s LED and beeper.

Mercury Controller ports for NXT-MSC

Allows you to configure the ports on an NXT-MSC controller to support the connection of Mercury MR16IN and MR16OUT modules. These modules offer input and output link actions.

Cardholder Enrollment Flow Changes

The cardholder and credential enrollment workflow has been improved with an enrollment wizard.

2FA using 3rd Party Applications

2-factor authentication can now be set up and used with a third-party authentication app (such as Google Authenticator).

NXT-MSC Controller Internal Configuration

Implemented the ability to access and edit the NXT-MSC controller configuration directly from the Borealis UI.

Changes to the Reader Menu’s

To optimize and simplify the reader control options, command buttons have been replaced with drop-down menus for reader mode control, auto-unlock suspend and restore, and reader masking functions. This change also improves ease of use when administering the system with a mobile device.

Masking/Unmasking of Door-forced and Door-held Events

For controller types that support the masking and unmasking of door-held and door-forced
events this has now been implemented in Borealis. You can select a reader from the readers’ screen and mask the reader’s held-open or forced-open events via the masking drop-down menu.

And Miscellaneous Bug-Fixes

Full November release notes documentation:
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