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Step 2

Use the conversion tool

Select the Doors.NET database you wish to transfer and let the conversion tool move your existing configuration to the cloud

Step 3

Log into Borealis®

Your access control system has been converted, you can now log into your new cloud solution.

* Upgrade paths are also available for Doors32 and PXL Installations.

A cloud solution is right for you when…


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You want worry free

Ensure that your data is secure, yet accessible in the event of an emergency. Leave expensive servers and disaster recovery in the past, as your database will always be protected.

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You need to react

During an intruder attack, could you lock your doors and revoke access without being in the building? Borealis™ gives you the power to lock and unlock doors from anywhere on any device.


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Your time is valuable

Stop wasting your time updating and maintaining your system. Borealis™ is a browser-based platform; it has no software to manage and keeps itself up-to-date, so you can get on with more profitable business.

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The Worry-Free Access Control Solution

Borealis is a cloud-based solution, managed from a web browser, therefore you can log in and manage your access control solution with ease from anywhere with internet connectivity.


No software to install, no data loss

  • Forget about software updates and operating systems; your cloud solution keeps itself up-to-date.
  • A cloud database is always accessible and cannot be lost.
  • No manual maintenance backups.
  • Put an end to disruptions caused by server or computer problems.
  • No more software licenses.
  • Keep your data safe, secure, and backed up with a 99.9% SLA.

Designed for ease of use

  • Manage multiple locations without the need for VPNs or complicated networking.
  • Minimize migration stress by reusing existing readers and credentials.
  • Make changes or view events in an emergency without being physically present.
  • Increase business efficiency and flexibility with a completely scaleable solution.
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Mobile and browser friendly

  • Responsive user interface for all device-types.
  • Allow multiple operators to log in and make changes.
  • New features added without any additional installation or downtime.
  • Stay prepared for the future.

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Cloud Based Access Control on Mobile Phone


On-demand control of your facilities from anywhere

Simplify access control connectivity, delivering global accessibility, scalability, and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine, Connect your security installation to the cloud.

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