Embassy Gardens

Case Study: Embassy Gardens phase 1

  • Luxury Multi-use Complex
  • Supermarket and Carpark
  • 530 Luxury Properties
  • Swimming Pool, Gym, and Bar
  • Three High Rise Buildings

This case study is published and distributed here with permission from the original author, Blakeglow. You can see the original here: Embassy Gardens Case Study.

Embassy Gardens is a phased new build on Nine Elms Lane in London. By the end of phase 3 it will form a residential/commercial semi-circle around the new American Embassy in London and grow to approximately 1500 luxury apartments.

The principal contractor – Ballymore – were looking for an integrated system for the electronic security of the site and chose Blakeglow to realise this for them.

The first phase consisted of approximately 530 luxury properties over three high rise buildings, with swimming pool, gym, bar and meeting area amongst the various facilities available for residents use. A new Waitrose store with carpark was also part of the build.

Blakeglow installed a Cisco managed network as the backbone for the security systems throughout the site, to take in the various disciplines, utilising PoE devices wherever possible.

The Access Control solution chosen was Keri Systems using their 2 and 4 door, mercury based NXT controllers, and the Doors.NET software platform. It was chosen for its flexibility and reliability and has proven to be an excellent choice, with many extra options being utilised than were not originally planned for.

NXT 3R and NXT 3RE readers were chosen for their sleek and unobtrusive looks. The ability to use the one cable for both readers was a definite plus also.

NXT 3R readers were also integrated into the door entrance panels

Lift control has been fully implemented, specifically to control access to the gym facilities. Only residents whom have taken their induction can access the floor, and then only during the gym’s opening hours.

Guest/non – inducted resident access is via a reader fitted to the concierge desk. The concierge offer one of 2 fobs to the reader, and via the global link-age facility it will enable the button in the lift for the gym floor, or for the podium level

In another lift set, in a different core of the building, the top floor was to open directly into the flat. The issue here was not controlling access for the resident, but how to allow visitors access to the floor without the resident having to go and meet them. For this, the combined reader/tap-out unit was used, configured to read NXT fobs

The bar area is available for bookings, and another use was found for the access control system. During normal use, residents are able to access the area, but at a click of an icon in the Doors.NET software the doors are no longer accessible to residents, and instead only fobs assigned for the catering company can gain access. There are intruder alarms fitted to some of the more vulnerable properties, and there are various panic buttons fitted in the sauna’s and other areas – these are all signalled back to the access control PC, with operator input required to silence the different types of alarm. Each type of alarm has a different audible warning to make it easier for the security staff to prioritise. Phase 2 is set to add another 3 high rise buildings to the site, with an estimated 100 more NXT controllers All of the systems are designed to be primarily used from phase 1’s fire and security room, however they all have the ability to be used locally in each phase if there were to be an interruption in communications

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