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Keri Systems’ partner for Pedestrian Turnstiles, LOT Group, recently provided a solution to the 25,000 seat Vorskla Stadium located in Poltava, Ukraine.

Keri Systems is proud to hold the exclusive North American distribution agreement with LOT Group to handle their quality line of luxury turnstiles.

The Situation

In July 2018 representatives from the UEFA checked the Vorskla Stadium for compliance, before European Cup matches took place in the location. They stipulated that changes needed to be made to their solutions for access control and ticket control.

LOT Group was chosen to provide a reliable system that complied with all the requirements of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League regulations.

LOT Group companies specialize in complete system solutions for public transport, local payment systems and access control. LOT was also chosen because they had proven the success of their products with the completion of projects in the Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo Stadium in Kiev and the Nika Stadium in Alexandria.

The Solution

The Vorskla Stadium’s maximum capacity is 25,000 people, and the UEFA allotted 60 minutes maximum for entrance.

Given this data,  LOT determined a minimum number of turnstiles to be 21. However, taking into account the uneven distribution of spectators by section, and other technical requirements of the UEFA, the stadium ordered 34 turnstiles.

After a careful study of the stadium’s layout and visitor flow, LOT Group experts proposed Castle tripod turnstiles with integrated barcode scanners to certain sections and other areas with Defender full-height rotor turnstiles with integrated barcode scanners. This arrangement allowed for optimal efficiency for Vorskla.

The Stadium was quickly brought up to standard, and now is able to handle crowds safely, efficiently, and within standards.

LOT Group turnstiles can be ordered complete with Keri controllers mounted and configured, ready to become part of an overall Keri Access System. For more information, see Keri’s LOT Group product page or contact one of our security experts to see how your stadium application can benefit from the addition of our seamless partnership.

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