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Keri foresaw the supply chain problems and put close to half a million dollars of key integrated circuits and other components in stock to ensure that we could supply a steady stream of material for our partners.

Keri Systems is currently shipping our NXT Hardware with full-featured Mercury Security embedded firmware* for same-day shipments. If you are an integrator who cannot currently get Access Control Hardware from your current provider, we’ll offer a 10% discount to help with the transition to our embedded Mercury NXT panel and Keri Doors.NET software.

Lead Time Bulletins:

  • Can’t Find HID Credentials?: If you are experiencing long lead times on HID® proximity credentials, we also have an extensive inventory of equivalent clamshell and key tags in pre-numbered and custom programmed ID ranges.

Last Update September, 25th 2023

Shipping Same Day
Within 3 Weeks
Over 3 Weeks

Product Name Lead Time Status
NXT 2D/4D Controllers 1 Day
NXT Series Readers 1 Day
NXT-C Light Prox Card 1 Day
NXT-I Light Prox Card 1 Day
NXT-K Proximity Fob 1 Day
NXT-AP Prox Patch 1 Day
Borealis Hub 1 Day
Keri i2 Appliance 1 Day
Keri i2 PLUS Appliance 1 Day
PXL-500W Controllers 1 Day
PXL-500P Controllers 1 Day
MS Series Readers 1 Day
KC-10X 1 Day
MT-10X 1 Day
PKT-10X 1 Day
AP-10X Prox Patch 1 Day
HID Equivalent Clamshell 1 Day
HID Equivalent ISO 1 Day
EGT-250 Titanium 1 Day
EGS-750 Silver 1 Day
EGP-5000 Platinum 1 Day

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