Keri Brings The PXL Controller Into The Cloud

Keri Brings The PXL Controller Into The Cloud


June 15th, 2023, Omaha, NE – In conjunction with mobile access-control developer, Geokey, Keri Systems has announced that they will be bringing their PXL Door Controller hardware to be compatible with their cloud-based solution, Borealis. This groundbreaking development allows owners of the PXL to seamlessly convert their existing hardware to leverage the power of the cloud, providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility for access control management.

Integrating the PXL Door Controller with Borealis and the Geokey App empowers users to effortlessly oversee and utilize their access control system from any location. By eliminating the constraints of traditional on-site solutions, Keri Systems and Geokey deliver an innovative solution that enhances operational efficiency and streamlines security processes.

Previously, the PXL systems operated on Doors.NET, an on-site access control solution responsible for managing door controller readers and access cards within a property. With this highly anticipated update, PXL systems can now effortlessly transition to cloud compatibility. Customers gain access to Keri’s powerful Borealis platform, enabling them to efficiently manage access control from anywhere without manually updating cards and firmware.

With the integration of Geokey’s advanced mobile application, users can conveniently utilize the Geokey app to effortlessly open PXL-controlled doors, eliminating the reliance on traditional card-based access methods. This integration enhances user experience and simplifies daily operations for residents and other authorized personnel.

Ken Geiszler, CEO at Keri, states “We are excited to partner with Geokey to bring even more functionality to our rapidly evolving Borealis cloud access control platform. Geokey’s revolutionary app-based access control coupled with Keri’s extensive set of integrations and installation base presents a whole new opportunity for our integration partners to upgrade their existing installation base to meet the needs of today’s hybrid work and living arrangements.”

The enhanced compatibility between the PXL Door Controller and Borealis brings a host of benefits to users, including automatic updates without the need for additional installations or system downtime. The cloud-based solution enhances accessibility, optimizes cost-effectiveness, and ensures mobile compatibility, providing users with a comprehensive and future-proof access control solution.


About Keri Systems:


Keri Systems is a leading provider of advanced access control systems, delivering innovative solutions that redefine security management. With a proven track record of excellence, Keri Systems offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various industries.

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About Geokey:


Geokey is a pioneering software company specializing in cloud-based access control solutions. Their advanced platform revolutionizes access control management, providing users with enhanced flexibility, scalability, and convenience.

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