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When it comes to door hardware, you need products with a proven track record that are built to last. BEST has been setting the standard in the industry for over 100 years by focusing on innovation, durability, and compatibility. Whether you are looking for a total solution for a current project, updating your access control, or just making necessary repairs, you can’t get better than BEST.

Wi-Q delivers exceptionally efficient wireless access control. Facility administrators can manage thousands of access credentials to their heavy-use doorways from a secure, centralized platform. It installs easily and retrofits in a snap without running wires to doors. Plus, Wi-Q performs its own security updates every 60 seconds, every day. And, it looks as smart as it acts with a new gateway portal housing that can hide in plain sight!  The Wi-Q Wireless locking system integrates seamlessly with Keri’s Doors.Net Access Control System. This integration offers the ability to network and manage access from anywhere, requiring minimal infrastructure, investment, or on-site maintenance.

  • Different components, An integrated solution. Electronic lock, card reader, door position switch, and request to exit are all components integrated together as part of the Wi-Q system.
  • Decision-making at the door. W-Q access decisions are always made at the door. If communication is interrupted, or power is lost, the Wi-Q system will function fully and pass audit information back to the host when the system is reconnected.
  • A scalable solution. The Wi-Q lock supports 14,000 credentials and the Portal Gateway can support as many as 64 locks.
  • Efficient power use. The Wi-Q series locks are fast, reliable, and use less power than other similar devices.
  • Fast installation. The Wi-Q controller allows for quick installation even in hard-to-wire or retrofit applications. Because no wiring or terminations are needed and all components are integrated into one device, the Wi-Q Series requires only on to two hours of installation time

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Compatible with the following Keri solutions

  • Doors.NET

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