Braxos Integration with Keri Systems

The Keri Systems & Braxos Integration offers Elevator Destination Dispatch right into your access control solution.

In elevator control, it is common for an elevator to pick up passengers on a variety of floors and drop them off on different floors. The elevator service elevator only serves the floor it is called from and cannot travel anywhere else in the building. This means that passengers may have to walk or take another elevator to go to their destination. Destination dispatch elevator control is a system that helps alleviate this inconvenience.

With destination dispatch elevator control, the elevator only travels to the floors where passengers are waiting. This way, passengers do not have to wait for the elevator to go to their desired floor; they can simply get on the elevator at their current position.

Use Braxos and Keri Systems Integration for a complete elevator dispatching solution.

Integrates with:

Compatible with the following Keri solutions

  • Doors.NET

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