braXos’ Steward software platform integrates with Keri Systems Access control platform, allowing for integration from Keri to a variety of elevator destination dispatch systems. The Keri connector allows for braXos to seamlessly pull user information from Keri in real-time allowing for braXos to deliver a safe and secure elevator integration across the commercial, residential and mixed-use markets.

braXos offers a library of over 100+ connectors creating endless software-based integration possibilities. Explore our library, discover your connector, then match it with another Connector to learn what can be deployed today!

Elevator destination dispatch integrations include: Otis Compass, TK (Thyssenkrupp) Elevator, KONE (Access, ELI, RCGIF, API), Schindler PORT, MCE (Motion Control Engineering), Mitsubishi, Fujitec, Smartrise
braXos also integrates Keri with other types of applications including human resource systems, building management, intercom among many others… visit the braXos connector library page to view all of the connectors braXos could integrate Keri with:

Integrates with:

Compatible with the following Keri solutions

  • Doors.NET

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