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Working together since 2003, Keri Systems is Farpointe Data’s longest-running RFID technology partner. Together, Farpointe and Keri have successfully provided access control solutions to thousands of buildings across six continents. Fully compatible with Keri’s access control systems, Farpointe provides a wide range of credential and reader options—mobile, long-range, proximity, and contactless smartcard—to fit almost any access control application. Farpointe technology supports Wiegand, Magstripe, and SIA-verified OSDP communications standards.

Why trust Farpointe as part of a Keri access control solution?

  • Seamless integration between Keri’s access control systems and Farpointe’s readers and credentials
  • Guarantee of quality with Farpointe’s lifetime warranty on all readers
  • Wide range of RFID technologies to meet the most popular access applications
  • The industry leader in meeting today’s communication standards, including IEC-approved OSDP
  • Private-labeling options to help boost brand awareness

CONEKT® Mobile-Ready Access Control ID Solution

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Conekt combines high-security 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard technology with the convenience of Farpointe’s mobile access control ID solution. By integrating traditional radio frequency identification (RFID) with 2.4-GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the latest communications standards—including IEC-approved OSDP—Conekt is the ideal solution for adding mobile capabilities to an electronic access control system.

  • Secure: Multi-level authentication and AES encryption
  • Private: One-time, GDPR-compliant enrollment requires only a phone number—no personal data required
  • Reliable: Supports authentic Apple® and Google Android™ mobile operating systems
  • Convenient: Order and manage mobile credentials just like physical cards—with no portal or licensing fees required!
  • Inclusive: Supports industry standard and custom formats; contactless smartcard and proximity models available


RANGER® Long-Range Receivers and Transmitters

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Ranger is Farpointe Data’s long-range radio frequency identification (RFID) solution that features exceptionally long read ranges—up to 200 feet (61 m). Ranger receivers and transmitters operate at the globally accepted 433-MHz frequency and are available in 2- and 4-channel models, allowing one transmitter to be used at up to four access points. As the RFID component of an electronic access control system, Ranger is ideal for perimeter gates, vehicle barriers, building entrances, and more.

  • Secure: No line-of-sight required between transmitter and receiver allows the receiver to be located safely indoors
  • Easy to Install: Receiver installs as easy as a traditional reader
  • Multi-Use: Smartcard or proximity chip in transmitter allows for use in presentation mode with traditional readers
  • Versatile: Field-adjustable read range (WRR-44) to fit the needs of specific applications
  • Robust Transmitters: IP67 tested and powered by a long-life battery

PYRAMID SERIES PROXIMITY® Readers and Credentials

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Pyramid Series Proximity is recognized as an electronic-security benchmark for 125-kHz OEM proximity readers and credentials. Based upon proven contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Pyramid products assure compatibility with today’s electronic access control systems. Pyramid readers feature innovative, Farpointe-only features—such as MAXSecure™ and fleaPower™—that increase security and reduce energy consumption.

  • Great Functionality: Long read range and rapid read speed
  • Easy to Install: Mounts to most surfaces—including metal—for installation almost anywhere
  • Interoperable: Supports several proximity protocols
  • Reliable: Supports industry-standard communications protocols, including IEC-approved OSDP
  • Durable: IP67-rated, fully potted construction provides protection against weather and tampering
  • Guaranteed: All readers backed by Farpointe’s lifetime warranty



DELTA® Contactless Smartcard Readers and Credentials

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Delta is Farpointe Data’s advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) solution optimized for providing an extra layer of protection to security-sensitive electronic access control applications. Delta makes use of NXP Semiconductors’ MIFARE® technology, perhaps the leading industry standard for contactless smartcards with literally billions of devices sold worldwide.

  • Secure: Provides AES encryption and optional DESFire® EV1 and EV2 support
  • Reliable: Based upon the global-standard MIFARE® technology—ideal for ISO14443 applications
  • Compatible: Supports industry-standard communications protocols, including IEC-approved OSDP
  • Durable: IP67-rated, fully potted construction provides protection against weather and tampering
  • Guaranteed: All readers backed by Farpointe’s lifetime warranty



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