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About Geokey:

Geokey is a cutting-edge mobile access control platform that has revolutionized the way multi-family apartment communities manage and secure their access points. By taking a hardware agnostic approach, properties can now utilize multiple hardware manufacturers controlled under one cloud-based solution. No need for keys or a managed WiFi solution because Geokey works as the credential and the reader right from your smart phone.

Control and manage every interior and exterior door with Geokey by granting, scheduling, and revoking access to residents and guests with ease. The platform is customizable, user-friendly, and intuitive to meet all of your operational needs, all at an unbeatable price. Geokey is a perfect choice for developers and property managers to increase NOI and increase operational efficiency. Choose Geokey for a reliable, secure, and convenient access control solution today.


What is Geokey:

Geokey is a mobile access control software that allows users to open doors, gates, elevators, and padlocks right from their phone. By using your location services and logging into the app, users can easily get into their facilities seamlessly without a key or fob. Administrators utilize a cloud-based portal to send Geokey’s to users, access their data analytics, and set schedules to their doors.

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The Purpose

We provide peace of mind to you and your business. Know who is entering and accessing your goods or services. Our purpose is to bring the mobile access world into the 21st century.

Intended Uses

Geokey is hardware agnostic meaning we can open anything from your phone. This includes interior doors, exterior doors, padlocks, elevators, gates, and even lock boxes. Geokey can open almost anything.



Integrates with:

Compatible with the following Keri solutions

  • Borealis

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