Mercury Security


In addition to our own Mercury Powered NXT hardware, Keri also offers non-proprietary Authentic Mercury Security hardware, which is supported by Doors.NET Professional Edition software.

Keri Systems and Mercury Security have been business partners since August 2006 when Keri acquired Digital Horizon Solutions, an existing Mercury partner. The partnership has continued through the evolution of Mercury’s hardware platform to now include the new Series 3 controllers and downstream door and I/O modules.

Adding Mercury’s feature set and capabilities greatly expanded Keri’s ability to meet the needs of customers requiring more sophistication than previously possible. This partnership reached a deeper level when we added Mercury Powered capability to our NXT controller family, allowing all our customers to share in the rich Mercury firmware features. Keri has been a Mercury Powered partner since 2011.

Integrates with:

Compatible with the following Keri solutions

  • Doors.NET
  • Borealis

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