Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems, Inc. is a privately held RFID/AVI engineered development company specializing in Active and Passive RFID asset and AVI control technologies. Co-founded in 2011, Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems brings extensive background and experience in development, electronic circuit design, sales, marketing, and distribution to support and grow our product line.

Our core products are:
Active UHF 433MHz RFID Access and Asset Solutions
Asset and Valet Application Capabilities
Passive UHF 900MHz, RFID/AVI Solutions
Long Range Perimeter Gate Entry and Parking Gate Control
Tres2Prox and Tres2Smart ISO Card/Tag multi-technology for AVI/RFID credential and badging consolidation.

Optional Product Features:
Offering standard 26-bit Weigand along with multiple custom Wiegand formats.
Additional protocols available such as OSDP, Sun Pass, Peach Pass, Alabama Pass Simultaneous data outputs include RS232, RS485, and Wiegand modes.
Built-in Timing or Trigger modes for vehicle loop and dispenser controls.
Controllable read ranges, annunciator, and LED indication control.
Optional TCP/IP communications available on selected models.

Keri Systems and Tres Partnering together:
Tres (a made in the USA) partnered with Keri Systems to bring engineered long-range RFID/AVI application integration into Keri Systems comprehensive access controls for building and perimeter security.

Integrates with:

Compatible with the following Keri solutions

  • Doors.NET

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