Password Recovery Request

Please submit all password recovery requests via this web page. This online request form makes it easier for Keri to keep a record of all password recovery requests – the requested data is easier to store, search for, and reference should there be any questions.

We try our best to ensure every password recovery request is valid. It can take up to two business days to verify, schedule, and perform a password recovery request.

  • Doors.NET software revisions v4.0.2.xx and earlier use an existing password recovery method within SQL.
  • Doors.NET software revisions v4.0.3.xx and greater use encrypted passwords which requires the use of an in-house developed decryption tool for password recovery.

In either case, following approval of the request one of our Technicians will contact the requesting Installer/Dealer contact to schedule a time to perform the password recovery.

Required Information for a Password Recovery Request

Please fill out the following online form completely and as thoroughly as possible. Valid information is required in every field. Any missing or incomplete information will delay the processing of the password recovery request.

Requesting Installer/Dealer Contact Information