Model # / Description
KBF-1FP: Fingerprint-only Reader, indoor
KBF-2PR: Fingerprint + Proximity Reader, (Keri NXT + HID 125 KHz)
KBF-2SC: Fingerprint + MIFARE Reader (Classic/Plus, Ultralight, DESFire)
KBF-3KP: Fingerprint Reader + Keypad

Model # / Description
KBF-CVR: Cover for KBF-2 and KBF-3 Readers
KBF-SGP: North American Single Gang Mounting Plate
KBF-DGP: North American Double Gang Mounting Plate
KBF-CNV: RS-485 to TCP/IP Converter
KBF-ENR: Fingerprint Enrollment Station
DNET-BIO: BioManager Software for Fingerprint management

BioSync Fingerprint Reader

Keri’s BioSyncTM Readers provide reliable ­fingerprint reading in attractive and unobtrusive packages. Readers are available in ­ fingerprint -only, ­ fingerprint + card, and ­ fingerprint + keypad versions. Typically used in higher security applications, they can be used either for primary user identification (fingerprint -only) or for secondary veri­fication based on initial use of a card or PIN.

  • High quality fingerprint readers in small, sleek, and attractive packages
  • Available in fingerprint-only, fingerprint+ card, and fingerprint + PIN
  • Industry standard Wiegand output for compatibility with most 3rd party access control systems
  • Card reader models available with Keri NXT + HID 125 KHz Proximity or MIFARE/DESFire capabilities
  • Compatible with Keri’s NXT Controllers and PXL-500W Tiger Controller
  • Up to 9,500 fingerprint templates

BioSync Readers are compatible with Keri’s NXT controllers with an NXT-WI Wiegand Interface, PXL-500W Tiger Controller, and 3rd party controllers that accept Wiegand-type readers. The readers contain an internal beeper and an LED bar to indicate fingerprint accepted and access granted/denied status for user feedback. Keypad and Card models may be used outdoors with appropriate covers. Fingerprint template sharing between readers is done using RS-485 networking, with an option for TCP/IP. Keri’s BioManager software is used for enrollment and template management.

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