Model # Description

NXT-2D-MSC: 2 Door/4 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware
NXT-2D-MSC-NE: 2 Door/4 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware without Enclosure
ENC-KE1: Single Controller Enclosure
KE-8: 4 Panel Enclosure
DCR-8: Enclosure Rack Mounting Kit
USB-A: USB Adapter Kit for NXT Controller AutoUSB Networking

NXT MSC Controllers

NXT 2 Door MSC TCP/IP Controller

The NXT-2D Controller is built for today’s IT environments. By using an existing TCP/IP network, controller cabling costs can be eliminated. Or, if building a new network, they can be reduced up to 50% over traditional hard-wired access systems by using inexpensive, CAT-5 cable. The NXT-2D is designed to be extremely intelligent with little reliance on network traffic for decision making, allowing it to be thrifty with any network’s valuable bandwidth. With Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri’s proprietary MAC addressing scheme allows for reliable hardware discovery and true one-button autoconfiguration.

  • 2 Door 4 Reader Controller
  • On Board TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Functions Offline
  • Elevator Control
  • IO Expandable 4x4
  • 48,000 Cardholders

To expand the system’s flexibility, up to two companion 4X4 Input/output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added – one to each of the controller’s RS-485 trunks (buses). Customers can choose between Keri’s line of highly secure, 4-wire NXT Series Proximity Readers with reader supervision that also provide In/Out reading capability (4 Readers), or any reader with a standard Wiegand output or Keri’s MS Series Proximity Readers via the NXT-RM3 Reader Interface Module. To manage the system, Doors.NET software has much of the same look and feel as Keri’s acclaimed original DoorsTM software, but with the added functionality of a Client/Server architecture.

    • 2 Door, 4 Reader Controller for Keri’s NXT product line
    • On-board TCP/IP connectivity – no network adapters required
    • Manages 2 doors with In/Out capability when using NXT Readers
    • Utilize existing LAN/WAN/Ethernet or pull your own dedicated CAT-5/6 Network
    • Embedded MAC Address for one button Auto-Configuration
    • Standard 4 Pin Block and RJ-45 Jack built-in for network connection
    • Re-assignable Inputs and Outputs
    • Quick Disconnect Connectors
    • 48,000 Cardholders, 10,000 Event Buffer
    • Locking Metal Enclosure (no-enclosure option)
    • 128 Bit Encryption

Temporary Cards (automatic card expiration) by use count
Supervisor Cards, 2 Man Rule, Man Trap
Area Control for Local AntiPassback, Global APB (all types), and Occupancy Count
Configurable up to 32 Access Groups per cardholder
First Person In by Cardholder Group
Supports AntiPassback-exempt and PIN-exempt per cardholder

Credential Types Library and Wiegand Format Builder, can be specified for each reader (maximum of 8 Credential Types)
Door Contact, REX and all other inputs can have sensitivity settings (Debounce and Hold times)
LED and Beeper configurability (colour, timing, duration)
Suspend and Restore door parameters on auto lock or unlock
Turnstile Mode to cancel access granted if turnstile is aborted
Card or PIN, or PIN-only mode at reader, with adjustable PIN violation counter to lock out or deactivate card
Check with Host before granting access function to allow operator to grant access
Disable REX by schedule, both REX1 and REX2, each can be on separate schedule
Support minimum strike time, not just a maximum
Longer maximum door held open time, up to 36 hours
Supports Pre-Alarm warning on Door Held Open, allows local linkage to beep reader before the held open alarm sounds
Supports Duress and Duress Deny
Supports Double Card Presentation to trigger a linkage macro Inputs/Outputs:
Advanced Local Linkage sophisticated I/O macros
Elevator Control with Floor Select Reporting
Advanced Situation Manager to define system behaviour based on pre-defined conditions
6 state Supervision on inputs
Entry and Exit Delay on inputs (latched or non latched), input mask reporting and logging
Masking of inputs can be set to a schedule, reports masking of door contact and other inputs, can log input changes even when masked

255 vs (64) Time Schedules and Holidays per list, supports Vacation Days and Special Event Days
Holidays definable by controller

Allows In/Out readers on the same reader port when using NXT readers, doubling controller capacity
Support for Assa Abloy Aperio and Allegion AD Series wireless

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