Data Sheets and Technical Information

Model # Description

NXT-2D-MSC: 2 Door/4 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware
2 Door/4 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware without Enclosure
NXT-4D-MSC: 4 Door/8 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware
NXT-4D-MSCNE: 4 Door/8 Reader NXT Controller with Mercury Firmware without Enclosure

ENC-KE1: Single Controller Enclosure
KE-8: 4 Panel Enclosure
DCR-8: Enclosure Rack Mounting Kit
USB-A: USB Adapter Kit for NXT Controller AutoUSB Networking

NXT-MSC Controllers

NXT-MSC 2D/4D Mercury Powered NXT Controllers

Keri Systems has partnered with Mercury Security to bring enhanced capabilities to its Doors.NET customers that use the NXT hardware platform of TCP/IP-based controllers. By embedding Mercury Firmware in NXT Controllers a whole new set of features become available for applications with more sophisticated and customized requirements. This broadens the scope of NXT hardware capability such that it makes it a good choice for high-end and Enterprise applications as well as mid-sized projects that demand high end features.

  • On Board TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Controller Continues Operation When Offline
  • 185,000 Cardholders, 50,000 Event Buffer
  • Both 2-door and 4-door Versions Available
  • Credential Types Library and Wiegand Format Builder
  • Embedded MAC Address for One Button Auto-Configuration
  • I/O Expandable 4x4
  • Elevator Control Option Available
  • OSDP Reader Support

The NXT-MSC controller has all of the hardware advantages the Standard NXT controller has. By using an existing TCP/IP network, controller cabling costs can be eliminated. Or, if building a new network, they can be reduced up to 50% over traditional hard-wired access systems by using inexpensive, CAT-5 cable. The NXT-MSC 2D/4D is designed to be extremely intelligent with little reliance on network traffic for decision making, allowing it to be thrifty with any network’s valuable bandwidth. With Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri’s proprietary MAC addressing scheme allows for reliable hardware discovery and true one-button auto-configuration.

To expand the system’s capabilities, companion 4X4 Input/Output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added – one to each of the controller’s RS-485 buses. Customers can choose between Keri’s line of highly secure, 4-wire NXT Series Proximity Readers with reader supervision that also provide In/Out reading capability at each bus, or, when using a Reader Interface Module (NXT-RM3 or NXT-WIPLUS) either a standard Wiegand output reader or Keri’s MS Series Proximity Reader. Doors.NET software has much of the same look and feel as Keri’s acclaimed original DoorsTM software, but with the added functionality of a Client/Server architecture.


About Mercury Security Mercury Security Corporation is the global leader in the supply of OEM access controller hardware. Built on an open platform, with over one million panels sold, Mercury has the largest installed base and greatest accumulated run time of any access hardware provider in the world. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Mercury has been providing enhanced access control technology since 1992. For more information visit

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