Model Number / Description

PXL-500P: PXL-500 Tiger Controller for MS Series Readers
PXL-500 Tiger Controller for Wiegand-type Readers
2nd Door and I/O Expansion Board for PXL500

PXL-500P-NE: PXL-500 Tiger Controller for MS Series Readers without Enclosure
PXL-500W-NE: PXL-500 Tiger Controller for Wiegand-type Readers without Enclosure
SW-SCM: Serial Communications Module
KE-8: 4 Panel Enclosure
DCR-8: Enclosure Rack Mounting Kit
CU-500: Chip Upgrade (To upgrade PXL-500 Firmware)

Keri’s PXL 500-P/W Controller Series

Keri’s PXL-500 Controller hardware platform provides sophisticated access control solutions for up to 256 doors at a single site and thousands of doors spread over a number of remote sites. The unique architecture allows Keri to offer the system hardware at a lower cost compared to other manufacturers. It also contains many features that simplify and significantly reduce the cost of installation. The system is managed by Keri’s Doors.NET software.

  • Reduces installed cost of access control
  • Expandable 1 or 2 Doors at a Time
  • Support for Either Keri Proprietary Credential Format or Wiegand Credential Format
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Self Configuring Controller
  • 256 Door/65,000 User Capacity (Site)
  • Up to 5 Year Memory Retention

The PXL-500 Tiger Controller has all of the functionality needed to manage a single door, alarm output, and 2 reader ports. A second door can be added when used with SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board.

The SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board economically provides second door control plus extra general purpose inputs and outputs.

General Features
Support for either Keri proprietary credential Format or Wiegand credential format
Locking Metal Enclosure that can also house KPS-4 Power Supply and battery
Added RAM for increased cardholder capacity (up to 65K per controller)
On-board LAN socket for LAN-500 Adapter to enable TCP/IP compatibility
On-board diagnostic tests built into the controller firmware
Diagnostic LEDs on the controller board to assist with troubleshooting communication and controller power issues
Automatically senses communication method (direct connect to PC or via modem)
Auto-Configures RS-485 grounding for optimum performance – NO JUMPER SETTINGS
Quick disconnect terminals
Software auto-configures system components, no data entry required
Push-button setting and visual LED display of address selection – NO DIP SWITCHES

Installer Features
Double row header pins to ensure SB-593 is properly seated on PXL
Additional LED indicator to confirm SB is properly seated
RS-232 connector changed from DB-9 to quick disconnect terminal block
RS-485 continuity indicator LED
RS-485 connector different size so as not to interconnect with power input


Keri Public Statement on the Amazon Key: Keri does not support using the Amazon Key on Keri controllers.

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The Amazon Key does not interface to Keri products in a way that allows the Building Owner or Manager to maintain complete control over their system, nor does it provide any tracking information on when the Amazon Key was used to open a door.

The addition of the Amazon Key to a site introduces a security degradation beyond the control of Keri’s access control system. Neither Keri nor Amazon provides any documentation on how an installer would integrate the Amazon Key with Keri’s access control system. Because of this, Keri has strong concerns about the knowledge of the Amazon Key installers as evidenced by the damage Amazon Key installers have caused to Keri controllers and installations at multiple sites.

Any Keri controller failure caused by the installation of an Amazon Key device is cause for voiding the controller warranty. Keri cannot be held responsible for any security lapses created by the use of the Amazon Key

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