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Companies Choose Keri When Security Matters Most

A simple way to choose

In a competitive industry such as access control, you will find multiple companies insisting they are the best manufacturers of access control solutions on the market. There are a lot of options and competing companies, such as Paxton, Brivo, Kisi etc.

Naturally, all these companies will highlight their products’ best features in an attempt to make a sale, often giving facts and figures that make your brain hurt. After all this, you may find you’ve been left with more questions than you started with!

We’re going to try and make this simple for you, so you can make an informed decision on your access control solution.


Choosing the right provider.

See our advice when choosing an access control provider.

No matter the size of your business, access control can be scaled to work for you

What makes a good manufacturer?

These considerations will help you to ensure you do business with a company that follows through on their word, respects their customers, and gives them every opportunity to be involved in the process.


Global presence:

A world-renowned and respected company will not only speak your language, but will also be able to accommodate local/regional rules, regulations, and requirements for your access control.

Integration solutions:

An access control solution can be very complex, therefore, it is vital that the solution you choose can cater for your needs. Some of the most popular integrations are: video management (CCTV), elevator control, wireless locks, and turnstiles.

Range of warranties:

Another clue as to the kind of company you’re dealing with is the nature of their warranties. A company that has little to no warranties, or many clauses within them, is not one you should trust with your security.

You should feel safe:

When interacting with your security provider, you should feel safe and listened to. Your concerns and issues should always come first.

A company that cares:

Be sure to select a company that has an excellent reputation for customer service and support after the sale. There is no point trusting a company that does not care about their customers once they’ve secured their cash.

Is Keri Systems the right choice for you?

See why we believe Keri Systems should be the choice for your business or facility.

Focusing on customer relationships, support and excellent service, not market shares.


Is Keri Systems the best choice for you?

At Keri Systems, we pride ourselves firstly on our commitment to our customers, whether that be installers looking to offer Keri products to their customers, or businesses searching for a bespoke access control solution for their facility/space.

30 Years’ Experience within the ‘Access control‘ industry!

We have 30 years of experience and are one of the only family-owned access control companies in the industry, so we really appreciate our customer relationships and answer to you, not shareholders. Our ethos continues to be: we succeed when you do.

Unfortunately, access control companies come and go, with businesses based on big investors that can back out at any point, meaning your security and warranties goes with them. We are in this for the long haul and demonstrate this through backing ourselves with our own money.

We’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

Keri continues to grow in profits through our independence, rather than a reliance on maintaining a stock market price. This allows us to put our customers first and vow to be there with you every step of the way to offer you our world-leading and ongoing support.



Keri System warranties range from lifetime guarantees, to ‘no questions asked’ replacements, and everywhere in between, meaning your solution is flexible and reliable. We stand by our engineering and craftsmanship and are so confident of reliability that we back our products with extensive industry-leading warranties.

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World-leading access control

We operate worldwide with experts ready to help with your inquiries. Regardless of your location, we will be able to help and will take pride in doing so.

To find your local sales rep please visit our interactive map here: Local Keri Expert


Multiple solutions

Keri systems have a range of products to offer, both local/on-site installations and cloud-based solutions. This means we can offer our customers a solution that covers multiple requirements when planning an integrated access control solution. Our large product line is not only comprehensive, but also cost-effective and completely scalable, catering from one door to enterprise levels of installation.

We understand that an access control solution is not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, our integrations offer our customers the widest range of possibilities on the market. From pedestrian turnstiles at large event venues, Video integrations, and elevator control for large offices or apartment buildings, our solutions can be customized to meet your needs entirely.

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AWS Cloud Access Control

Borealis Cloud Solution

Easy installation, no maintenance, and no on-site PC required. Manage and sync your access control installation with the cloud using Borealis. Powered by Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.


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Client-Server Management


Doors.NET is installed to an on-site server, VM or personal computer. Use Doors.NET to manage credentials, automate tasks, and integrate your hardware with third-party products like CCTV to create your own access control solution.


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Hear what our customers have to say…

You can have a great product, but more importantly is the technical support that comes with it, which is why Keri Systems is the choice and the company to work with.

Trevor Ng

Wiltron Manufacturing

Keri equipment is easy to use and cost effective. When we decided to go wireless, Keri offered the options we needed.

Mr. Russo

OceanSide Cove Residential.

Excellent product’s very helpful staff all ways looking to the future with new products Would recommend.

Kingdom Security

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