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Emergency Lockdown


With Doors.NET and PXL or NXT Hardware

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Emergency lockdown and access control


Emergency Lockdown isn’t really a new feature, but we thought it was important to place special emphasis on it because of its relevance in light of recent events.

Given the tragic events in recent history involving shootings at schools, places of business, and other locations, organizations can utilize their Keri electronic access control system to instantly lock down their facility to stop or minimize the damage caused by an assailant. Doors.NET has the necessary features built in to make initial configuration easy and response immediate.

Emergency lockdown modes


Customers can configure the emergency lockdown to react in the following modes:

  • Global Lock – All doors lock, but authorized credentials/cards are still allowed access and egress is permitted.
  • Lockout – All doors are immediately locked, authorized cards no longer work but egress is still permitted.
  • Lockdown – All doors lock, cards no longer gain access and egress is not allowed except where a mechanical exit device such as a crash bar exists.
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Ease of Use and Efficiency


Facility Management

Manage access to special facilities such as gyms or spas.


Elevator Control

Impliment elevator control to manage over 100 floors.

user unlock

Individual Tenant Access Rights

Manage credential rights on an individual basis.


Exportable Activities

Export activity to assist with reporting or investigations.

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Occupancy Counting

Enforce occupancy limits to set areas.

Customized emergency lockdown events

To provide added flexibility, the system can be configured to exclude certain doors from participation, and selected credentials can be designated to override the lockout/lockdown condition such as those that would be carried by law enforcement personnel.

How can the system be triggered to change into the desired emergency mode? There are a number of options, any or all of which can be utilized.

  • Clicking a button in the software from any authorized Doors.NET.
  • Pressing a panic button, flipping a switch, or otherwise changing the state of some device tied to an auxiliary input on the controller. These devices may be located anywhere in the facility, such as in each classroom.
  • Entering a special PIN code on a keypad, again, anywhere in the facility.
  • Presenting a valid credential twice within 5 seconds to any designated panic reader.

Because of the flexibility of Doors.NET, other triggers are possible via configuration in the software.

*Note – Some modes require NXT hardware with Mercury Powered Option.

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    Emergency lockdown with Doors.NET

    If an emergency lockdown feature is something you’re interested in, Doors.NET may be the right solution for you.

    Doors.NET is an on-premise access control security solution. It provides a powerful, flexible and scalable platform for organizations of all sizes to customize their own access control system.

    Doors.NET contains enterprise features such as emergency lockdown procedures, elevator control,  in-depth reports and more.