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Have you seen and heard about Borealis?.

Borealis is Keri systems revolutionary cloud platform that makes managing access your your facilities a breeze! and for existing customers we’ve also made it very easy to transition to.


Introducing modern access management tools for your facilities.

Manage key fobs and access cards easily using the cloud. Add and remove users, adjust door locking times, and control access privileges from your phone, tablet, or computer without the need for any extra software.


Borealis Management Suite

Access all the necessary tools to manage your facility. This includes adjusting access rights, adding new users, managing multiple locations, or reviewing reports and audits of activity through doors and gates.


Borealis Mobile Apps

Easily manage your solution on-the-go and make real-time changes from anywhere with just an internet-enabled device.


Location Management

Manage all your locations easily from a single unified platform: secure your spaces, remotely lock doors, and track detailed analytics of access.


Admin Control

Manage permissions for individual users, access groups, and visitors while streamlining your processes with automatic access and locking schedules.

Reports 1

Comprehensive Reports

Run reports on access to specific areas of your facility, complete with timestamps from your dashboard, to assist with audits and investigations.

Committed to new and existing customers.

Borealis ensures seamless quoting, installation, and usage, with the added benefit of hassle-free migration to cloud-based services for our esteemed customers.

Managing access to your spaces is easy with Borealis.

With Borealis, you can manage your buildings from anywhere, giving you total control and peace of mind whether you’re on the train, bus, or even out of the country. Designed from the ground up to provide a user-friendly and highly accessible platform.

Borealis Laptop Man

Multiple sites from a single Dashboard

Multisite connectivity as standard

Manage multiple locations from a single login.
Maintain individual accounts per site.
Operator privileges are fully customizable.
Designed with device-friendliness in mind.
AdobeStock 303970510

Real-time events auditing

Monitor activity from anywhere

Find exactly what you need with quick reports.
Adjust report criteria and output.
View live events as they happen.
Display reports on screen or export lists to PDF.
AdobeStock 300252039

Your data is secure and always backed up

Encrypted data that’s always up-to-date

Borealis uses Amazon’s ultra-secure cloud servers.
Maximize performance and remove software limitations
Eliminate the need for software maintenance.
The Keri hub syncs facility and cloud communication.


Move away from software and servers

Save time on service calls and PC repairs

Borealis only requires a hub and an internet connection.
Accessed through your browser with no software installation.
Save time on service calls with remote access.
Assist your clients from your office.