Keri Systems recently completed the complex task of updating our catalog of products

Last month, we talked about our plans for 2017 ISC West, and the many reasons why it’s going to be a really big year for us at the show. With six new product offerings nearly ready to go between now and April, we’ve never had so much good news to share all at once.

Ramping up our catalog and other informational materials, as well as preparing to demonstrate and make everything available to our customers has been keeping us very busy. Details about 2017 new releases will continue to trickle out as we prepare for April, and well after we see everyone at the show.

While our new catalog is on its way to the printers, and we’re still preparing to bring a great deal of information to you at ISC West, we wanted to share some of the things we’re looking forward to by sharing a 2017 product preview.

Here is one of the most exciting pages from our new catalog: the entire table of contents of NEW product offerings. We know you’ll likely have questions, and we’re happy to answer them. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the show, and if you want to talk in the meantime, please reach out.