New Products and Features Added to the Keri Line

Within the past couple of months, Keri Systems has ushered in a highly-anticipated software release, new additions to the i2 Product Line, overwhelming demand for our Video Doorbell/IP Intercom and the roll-out of our new Turnstiles. May and June were extremely busy and productive months at Keri Systems, and we have a lot of news, previews, and details to share.

Doors.NET v Enables Visual Doors

June has brought about the release of Keri’s Doors.NET version Software, which was pivotal in the support of a couple new offerings, such as Visual Doors™ and Telepathy™.  For a couple months now, we have been pre-announcing the release and availability of Visual Doors, which is a simplified interface to Keri’s acclaimed Doors.NET Product.  Doors.NET is a full-featured software package, with the capacity to grow from basic access control for a couple doors, to full-scale enterprise systems comprised of thousands doors over hundreds of global sites.

Visual Doors is a client overlay that “drives” Doors.NET through a very simple interface consisting of checkboxes, dials and images.  It is highly graphical and intuitive, allowing a speedy training cycle and administration by minimally trained employees.

Telepathy is a full-featured PSIM styled interface that incorporates a mapping and graphics element to Doors.NET with imaging importable from outside sources and the ability to show access and alarm points in buildings by building address, floor of building, and individual floor plan.  Telepathy should fully release in July 2017 with supporting documentation.

Two New Appliances in Keri’s i2 Product Line

Due to the overwhelming success of Keri’s i2 Appliance, we will be adding two more models immediately and improving the base model.  For those who don’t know, the i2 is a mini appliance that is pre-loaded with Keri software and is shipped ready to deploy.  All one needs to do is power the unit up, start an auto-configure procedure then start programming a system.  There are no Windows updates to mess with, firewall issues, .NET framework update, etc.  These are all time consuming and often frustrating when attempting to configure a new system.  Keri’s i2 does away with those hassles by providing a hardware and software platform that is ready to go.

  • I2 is designed for up to 64 doors and 3000 cardholders. It will be shipped with Keri’s Doors.NET Appliance version software
  • I2 Plus is designed for up to 512 doors and 10,000 cardholders. It will be shipped with Keri’s Doors.NET Standard edition software
  • I2 Pro is designed to run any of Keri’s highest-end packages. Consequently it is capable of being licensed to thousands of doors and literally millions of cardholders.  It will come pre-loaded with Doors.NET Pro version software and the first two years of software support are included at no additional charge.

Entraguard One & OnePlus

Keri’s Entraguard One is now fully released, though initial quantities fell short of demand.

Entraguard One, Keri’s new Video Doorbell / IP Intercom, is now fully approved and both information and data sheets are available.  Currently, we are in a backlog situation and will begin shipping from ready stock in July.

Entraguard is a step above most Video Doorbells on the market, as it contains a strike relay, so doors may be opened from any mobile device associated with the unit.  The OnePlus unit, provides a local keypad for users, programmable with up to 40 different key codes.


Recently, Keri has partnered with the LOT Group of Eastern Europe to bring a highly attractive, luxury line of turnstiles to the North American Market.  Like many other products in Keri’s stable, the turnstiles close the loop on taking control of a building’s access.  Often, a door is not the right barrier to entry for a facility, or a particular portal at that facility.  Everything from stadiums to mass-transit facilities have need for turnstile barriers.  Keri’s new line will be customizable as to finishes and will come in six (6) different models to suit nearly every need.  The pricing will be very favorable, compared to US standards and availability starts now.

  • As might be expected, this unit will have some lead times associated with shipment and arrival. Please check with factory prior to placing orders, for estimated fulfillment times.
  • Data sheets and description will be available very soon.

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