Keri Systems introduces a host of new features with Telepathy™

Telepathy is a powerful, new graphical mapping, command and control client that is enabled, free of charge, for a single site with the purchase of Keri’s Doors.NETTM access control software. A simple call to Keri’s in-house support group is all that’s required to get a license modified to include Telepathy functionality.

Several months ago, Keri officially introduced our new simplified user interface; Visual Doors™.  For those who don’t know, Visual Doors is a graphical overlay to Doors.NET™, which permits programming and monitoring of the system’s most popularly accessed features through a very easy-to-understand and manageable interface.

Comprehensive Graphics and Maps Package

What many don’t know is that the Visual Doors architecture is the same framework that supports the future of Keri’s PSIM offering.  Keri developed a software client called Telepathy, that ultimately will be able to control and monitor various third-party technologies under a unified graphical interface. One of the key features included in Telepathy is a comprehensive maps and graphics package.  Once developed however, it was strategically decided that the maps and graphics portion should be included as a feature in Keri’s standard Doors.NET/Visual Doors platform.

For years, Keri has been saddled with the requirement to use mapping programs developed by others.  These programs have introduced compatibility issues and costs that the company was anxious to shed.  By incorporating the mapping and graphics of Telepathy into Doors.NET, Keri can now offer an even richer experience to users of their software.

Enterprise-Class Features

Once again, Keri Systems has shown the ability to deliver a contemporary, feature rich, access control platform, that delivers unparalleled performance with unlimited growth potential.  This recent software offering, as always with Keri, pushes far past the limits of “standard software” to near-enterprise level.

Additional modules and features will be added to Telepathy in the future and will be additive to Keri’s enterprise-class offerings, but for now, users should feel free to exploit the benefits of this comprehensive, new, graphical map program within Doors.NET. Customers will enjoy the benefits of all the additional control which is enabled through a graphic representation of their facility, with direct interaction enabled through mouse clicks on mapped icons.


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