Seamless partnership between Keri and Savance provides customers with a comprehensive Visitor Management solution.

Providing this benefit requires little to no effort for the installing dealer.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of good tires on the rack. Within recent years, Keri and Savance began sharing some database tools that allow the two companies to share cardholder and event data between the two applications. Savance did a large portion of the work and integrated themselves into Keri’s Doors.NET Software. The integration is slick and fairly seamless, allowing Keri Dealers to recommend and offer Time & AttendanceEmergency MusteringDigital In/Out BoardVisitor Management, and more.

As a result of these integrations, it is possible to provide your customers with a comprehensive Visitor Management solution with Keri Systems and Savance, and providing this benefit will require little to no effort on your part as an installing Dealer.

How to Get Effortless, Comprehensive Visitor Management

Being a direct-to-customer manufacturer, Savance offers offering both software and personnel-registering hardware, like visitor kiosks. Direct-to-End User sales is not Keri’s sales usual mode of operation, as Keri sells through distribution and authorized dealers, but the teams worked out an arrangement that benefits all.

For any job that Keri originates with Savance, the quoting and installation is provided directly from Savance to the End User. The entire installation and commissioning is performed by Savance in coordination with Keri, and largely after the Keri installation as well. The referring dealer and Rep is then be commissioned directly by Savance.  It’s easy, it’s simple and it represents extra revenue to the salespeople, along with added functionality to the End User.

Remember to consider and offer Visitor Management whenever quoting a Keri access control system. And, while you’re thinking about it, remember that with Keri you can also offer: Telephone EntryBiometric Technologies, Wireless Lock Technologies, Elevator Control, Video integration, Pedestrian Turnstiles and a host of other features. Keri is truly the brand that brings all possibilities to the Access Control Marketplace.