Keri Systems in the New Year

2018 was a stellar year for Keri Systems.

We’ve seen big changes to our company, including a move to an entirely new corporate location and a complete rebranding of Keri Systems.  All of this transpired while simultaneously releasing new products and maintaining a state of consistency and balance.

Our physical move was one of the most impactful events in our history.  For starters, our network and phone supplier fell far short of their promise to complete work on our building.  We were left with broken communications lines, folks using cell phones, and a temporary communications “triage center” set up in our IT contractor’s office space.  Through a herculean effort, our dedicated employees kept their heads above water, with many folks working long hours in makeshift office spaces carved out of their homes or friendly vendors. In the end, Keri’s inside staff (our heart and soul) managed to keep the wheels turning with minimal disruption; a feat that would have seemed impossible from the onset.

Then, we decided it was time for a facelift. Keri’s board decided to re-design ourselves, as our logo and trademarks were all about 20 years old. Although the new Keri remains fully planted in the philosophies of our genesis, we have changed and grown with the times. Our focus has necessarily changed with evolving technologies and although we remain true to our heritage, we have turned into a modern engineering and manufacturing entity, with technology-driven goals and alliances to help us succeed. Although some materials have still not been rebranded, we are in the process of changing every piece of marketing material and every label to reflect the new Keri look.

2018 saw the release of Keri’s very successful Intelliprox®  Blue, which exceeded sales projections from the first day of release. IP-Blue is an indication of how attention to market requirements and proper timing can ensure a successful product launch.

Of equal importance are the partnerships and associations that have helped Keri grow to the industry stalwart that we are today.  This past year we engaged in an extensive marketing and roadshow effort with Allegion and to this day have one of the most successful and complete integrations with their wireless lock products in the industry.  Other associations and partnerships have been formed with: Axis, Comelit and Ganz; these companies join our alliances with Mercury Security, Farpointe Data, The Lot Group, Savance and others.

What’s Coming in 2019?

2019 Sees Keri developing new products to serve all branches of the access control / security marketplace.  Look for a new, tightly-integrated and comprehensive Video Integration. This integration will remove the chains and shackles which have prevented Keri from doing very high-end, enterprise projects that require a seamless access control/video integration.  Also, look for a brand new cloud product to be released next year, which will continue to fill the voids between various sizes of access control and the recurring revenue model that the world seeks today. In all, there is no need to go elsewhere. Keri can take your offering or your project from a single door to theoretically unlimited door and facility possibilities.

From all of us here at Keri Systems, stay tuned, buckle-up, and keep an eye on us in the upcoming months.  We intend to offer you, our constituents, a profitable product offering and our continued legendary support.  But most of all, we would like to wish everyone an incredibly warm and wonderful holiday season filled with joy and a prosperous, healthy New Year.