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We at Keri, once again find ourselves preparing for a favorite trade show of ours.  ISC East has traditionally been a very strong show for Keri, having deep roots in the Northeast US. The Javits Center venue is moderately sized, and the attendees very engaged and genuinely interested in digging deep into what’s on display.

For many years, Keri has done a particularly good job of designing systems that cater to multi-tenant and multi-use facilities.  Going back to our early PXL products, Keri’s strong representation and diligent support to the high-density populations in the North East have kept Keri products in the forefront of this lucrative and influential market.  Consequently, Keri has enjoyed a very strong following from the property managers in New England and particularly in New York.

This year, Keri has redoubled our efforts to design and produce solutions for the multi-tenant customer.  For several years now, there has been an ongoing effort to secure the cooperation of industry leaders, to bring an even larger range of product offerings and integrations to the market.  This has truly been a period of strategic partnerships, with the intention of gaining strength through unity with our corporate partners. By these associations, Keri gains flexibility, adaptability, and breadth of product.  We now find ourselves integrated with companies like:  Allegion, Comelit, Savance, The LOT group, Milestone, Ganz, I-Lockers, NeverFail, etc.  The purpose is clear; to provide whatever is necessary to secure the assets of any company, regardless of size or style.

Our integrations provide us with capabilities in Video Integration, Wireless Lock Support, Visitor Management, Video Intercom, Pedestrian turnstiles, and a host of other technologies.  It is through this approach that we intend to keep our products relevant and contemporary, always aware that our partners provide a synergistic menu to a larger population.

Keri’s focus this year will be heavily levered toward our alliance with Allegion in the digital management of their entire wireless lock offering.  Keri has the distinction of being one of the only access control manufacturers to interface with all the wireless lock products that Allegion produces.  Along with Allegion, our integrations with Comelit, Milestone and others, enable end-to-end solutions to virtually all of the multi-family and multi tenant marketplace.  In visiting Keri’s booth, one will find these technologies represented, along with a sampling of other contemporary solutions for small commercial, through enterprise level integrated security.

We’ll also have a working demonstration of our newest small system solution, Neutron.

We invite you to drop by our new booth, number 617 at ISC East in NY.  The show dates are Wednesday and Thursday, November 20th and 21st. You will find Sales and Marketing Managers from Keri Systems as well as our Regional Reps from the North East, US.  We’ll be pleased to receive you and happy to discuss our products and opportunities.  We hope to see you at the show.

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