Keri Systems is dedicated to helping your business return to normal with peace of mind by offering covid secure solutions

Let us work together to work through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, see what we have to offer to assist you with track and trace, temperature monitoring or mask detection, and zone control to assist with social distancing.



Thermal scanning – Seamless thermal scanning and mask detection to control access through your doors.
Deny or divert access depending on the results of our seamlessly quick thermal scanning access point – it offers a scanning distance of up to 2 meters, and an average temperature read time of 1 second, adjustable temperature ranges or mask detection available – it seamlessly integrates with our existing access control solutions.

Zone Management – Control the number of people per area in accordance with social distance guidelines.
Create limits to the capacity of individuals per area, this will monitor individuals entering and exiting through the building to give you an occupancy count per zone.

Access rights – Adjust access rights easily to assist with covid secure guidelines, ensuring access to permitted individuals only. Ensure only those who need to be within your building can gain access – create a dedicated access group and easily modify who can access the building and when

Contactless buttons – Reduce contact points with contactless buttons to assist with your infection control measures Minimise the risk of infection by reducing all physical contact point that your occupants may have to use when moving throughout your facility, contactless buttons will integrate directly into our access control solutions.

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Let Keri assist you in returning to work, and re-opening your business safely.

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