Cloud-hosted Access Control: Top 8 reasons to invest

Cloud hosted systems are increasing in popularity for Access Control solutions. With other systems requiring ongoing maintenance and expensive, on-site installation and upgrades, cloud-hosted access control solutions provide maximum security, scalability, and reliability, whilst keeping things simple. Cloud services, such as Keri Systems Borealis software, allow on-demand control to be managed remotely on one browser-based dashboard to reinforce the security installation and auditing for your business or facility.

Cloud-hosted access control makes use of advancements in cloud technology to ensure your building is as secure as it can be, protecting your employees as well as your data. With cloud security solutions being used more and more in the modern, digital world, it is vital for the security industry to match these developments.

Here are our top reasons for investing in Cloud-hosted Access Control:




The ease of installation, management, and updating gives cloud-based security the edge in terms of implementation and integration. From removing the need for manual software updates to minimizing hardware interaction, this access control model offers a security solution that does not require expensive staff training in order to operate.



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Cloud security allows businesses to reduce repair costs, server fees, and call-out expenses. When security can be managed remotely through cloud-based access control there is no need for expensive hardware and related 



chart networkScalability

As businesses grow, security solutions need to be able to grow with them. The ability to manage this from one cloud app provides peace of mind over ongoing security needs. Whether adding new users or adding doors to the overall building security system, cloud access control can be scaled as needed from anywhere.


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Real-Time Reporting

The global connectivity capacity of cloud-hosted security means that multiple sites can be monitored remotely, requiring only an internet connection. Not only can you monitor building security from anywhere, but users can access incident reports and access the history of multiple sites from a single dashboard.



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 Device Friendly

Due to the growth in the popularity of cloud technology, moving your security system to the cloud will allow you to review and monitor site access control from any device that has access to a web browser. This means further remote capabilities, allowing instant and complete security management.



calendar clock Scheduling

Scheduled access allows the user to set specific times at which certain users may or may not access certain doors. Keeping track of keys and who has access to them is time-consuming and costly, however, with a cloud-hosted system, access can be easily given and revoked as required.



display arrow downAutomatic Updates 

In contrast to on-site access control systems, software such as Borealis have no servers to keep up to date. Database backups and software installations are done automatically, keeping your security up-to-date at all times and ensuring server failures are a thing of the past.



castle Reliability

Cloud-hosted security systems offer comprehensive security and the highest degree of tailoring options, allowing businesses to create an access control system that serves them exactly as they wish. With features such as automatic updates, real-time events and reporting, and device compatibility, this software offers a highly reliable solution to all security needs.



Overall, there are several reasons why cloud-hosted access control is a natural choice for many. When choosing the right solution it is important to consider the specific needs of businesses and installers alike. The popularity of cloud security can be explained in its customization capacities, remote use, and cost-effectiveness. As the security industry increasingly moves towards cloud technology, now is the time to invest and update your access control. If a cloud-hosted access control solution isn’t the choice for you, Keri also offers a locally hosted server-client solution with Doors.NET.

To learn more about access control, and what it is; visit our resources section here


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