We fully understand how important it is to secure and protect your assets and customers with outstanding access control solutions

The thought of access control can be daunting and is often perceived as expensive or developed only for large organizations, businesses, or buildings.

To combat this, Keri Systems have designed a single door, low cost, and easy-to-manage access solution. The Intelliprox Blue is a single-door Bluetooth managed solution controlled directly from your mobile smartphone with Bluetooth and is available for free on both Android and Apple iOS devices.


  • Cost-effective access control and security

  • Managed via mobile app, Android & Apple iOS

  • No ongoing costs – low footprint

  • Standalone system – easy setup

Keri Systems Intelliprox blue controller becomes the perfect solution to restrict access of unwanted or unauthorized entry through your doors at all times – Keri’s Intelliprox blue also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can revoke and remove access to any access key cards or fobs via the mobile application and re-enroll cards or fobs for those who need them. Unlike the old days of a traditional key and lock where if lost could cost $100’s re-cutting keys and replacing old fashioned barrel locks on a regular basis.

Once you have a Keri access control solution installed it runs quietly in the background, with low maintenance; making it the perfect reliable security solution to manage door entry for small buildings, businesses, and organizations.

What is access control?


Helping you keep your doors open for the right people.

Protect Tenants And Occupants – Access control solutions provide a secure and safe environment that is always welcomed by employees and occupants.

Avoiding Accidental Negligence – It happens to the best of us, how often do we leave a building and wonder if we had locked the door once we get half a mile down the road. Access control can prevent this by locking and unlocking doors to time schedules, giving business owners the peace of mind that their facility is safe and secure regardless.


Unmonitored Access – It’s important business owners can monitor activity within their premises, you wouldn’t want your employees to have access whenever they wish as the business owner becomes responsible for them when in their facility. – Access control can reduce management frustrating issues.


To learn more about access control, and what it is; visit our resources section here

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