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What is OSDP:
Developed by the Security Industry Association, Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an access control communication standard now adopted by many industry-leading manufacturers. OSDP was developed to improve interoperability and functionality, whilst heightening security, improving on issues faced by other legacy systems.

AES-128 encryption is utilized in order to continuously monitor wiring, ensuring that the system is protected against all threats, therefore, supplying a new scale of security. It also offers many other benefits over Wiegand technology, including multi-drop capabilities, which eliminates the need for individual wires for each reader.

Keri Systems has now adopted this standard on our NXT-MSC Controllers, offering our clients higher levels of security and tamper-proof products that continue to offer ease of use and cost-effectivity.  Each bus on Keri NXT-MSC enabled controllers can be individually configured to communicate using OSDP or traditional Keri 485 protocol to ensure backward compatibility with existing Keri hardware while allowing the usage of the most secure, OSDP enabled devices on an individual controller.

Advantages of OSDP

  • It offers two-way communication between the reader and the controller, whereas Wiegand offers only communication from the reader to the controller. This means that a controller can send information, such as malfunction notifications, as well as receive it. 
  • Reader to panel cables can run close to 4,000 feet compared to Wiegand’s maximum of 500 feet.
  • Topography of OSDP wiring provides the option of point-to-point (as with Wiegand) or multi-drop, meaning that multiple readers can be installed using the same wiring. This is due to the fact that OSDP requires less cable.
  • Predefined encryption and authentication processes mean that the guesswork is taken out of the installation process, reducing labor costs significantly.
  • Another advantage of OSDP is its compatibility with a range of security solutions, no matter the equipment manufacturer.
  • OSDP complies with all federal access control requirements, therefore, due to its advanced security, is recommended for use by government or other high-security environments.

Keri Systems is committed to OSDP and as such our NXT-MSC Controllers now support this as standard. Our controllers are designed to be extremely intelligent with high functionality and scalability, which is only enhanced by our commitment to OSDP.


NXT MSC Controllers

Ethernet-based for peer to peer communication and to host. Flash updatable. Available in 2 or 4 door versions.

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