A message from the CEO

A year in review – Keri Systems 2021

Another year is almost gone and we wanted to take a minute to reflect back on everything that has happened.  We’ve seen monumental shifts in business from how data is processed, to supply chain and price instability, and continued shifts to hybrid or remote work due to Covid’s tenacious hold on our society.  As an industry, Access Control has generally weathered the storm better than many but that’s not to say there haven’t been bumps in the road.  Keri foresaw the supply chain problems and put close to half a million dollars of key integrated circuits and other components in stock to ensure that we could supply a steady stream of material for our partners.  We’re happy to report that Keri is still shipping close to 100% of its orders on the day they are received with the sole exception being those that include hardware that Keri doesn’t make.

2021 also saw some significant milestones for Keri.

  • Initial Release of Borealis, Keri’s SaaS offering
  • New website release
  • Conversion Tool
  • EG Secure Locks
  • Trevor Ball Joining the UK
  • Doors.NET 5.0 and the enhanced Video integrations
  • Braxos integration for Elevator Control and Building Management
  • Integration of the Wi-Q lock from Dorma Kaba was released to Beta on Doors.NET at the end of the year with a full release in very early 2022.

Speaking of 2022, Keri is anticipating that it will be another year of rapid adoption of cloud and mobile platforms so Keri has more than doubled our development staff over the last two years with a major focus being on Borealis, our cloud hosted software.  We now have 14 Engineers working almost exclusively on these platforms to rapidly rollout additional hardware support as well as integrations to other cloud based packages.  Covid has rapidly accelerated the shift to cloud hosted solutions and now over 99% of businesses do some data processing in the cloud and 84% of IT professionals report that they are rapidly moving away from on premises servers.  As an industry, access control needs to embrace this tidal shift and Keri certainly has.  Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect to see from Keri in the next year, but trust us, there’s more to come.  We can’t let all of the surprises out at once.

Borealis Features and Integrations Currently in Process

BorealisCompatibility 2

  • Automated registration and billing for Borealis for our Integration Partners
  • Authentic Mercury support with local linkage support
  • Allegion NDE/LE and AD locks
  • Allegion mobile credential support
  • Dorma Kaba Switch integration
  • Assa Abloy Aperio integration
  • Simons Voss integration
  • Badging integration
  • Visitor Management integration
  • Several Video Integrations
  • A more powerful, grid based user interface
  • Local control app for when internet is lost
  • Otis Destination Dispatch for elevators


  • A cloud based automatic back up and restoration service to ensure data integrity.


  • Smart card reader family that automatically interfaces to either legacy Keri 485 protocol or OSDP.

It will be a busy year next year and we look forward to supplying our partners with even more tools to expand their business.  In the meantime, please accept the best wishes from everyone at Keri for a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.


Ken Geiszler